This modpack was created for the “Lost World Merios” Discord Community. This modpack is focused on building, decoration and a little bit fun. With a lot of our own mods, but we kept it vanilla-like with a hint of spice. For more information, leave a comment.


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Mod List

 Mod Name   Author 
 🌹 Floral Flair 🌹   MiteBeMana 
 AmbientSounds 5   CreativeMD 
 Aquatic Torches   realmayus 
 Architectury API (Forge)   shedaniel 
 Balm (Forge Edition)   BlayTheNinth 
 Better Azalea   SameDifferent 
 Blueprint   TeamAbnormals 
 Bridge Maker   GeheimagentNr1 
 Builders Crafts & Additions (Forge)   MRHminer 
 Cloth Config API (Forge)   shedaniel 
 Comforts (Forge)   TheIllusiveC4 
 Companion 🐕 (Forge)   Snownee_ 
 Corn Delight   sz0999312 
 Connected Glass   SuperMartijn642 
 CreativeCore   CreativeMD 
 Dimension Teleport   GeheimagentNr1 
 Dynamical Compass   GeheimagentNr1 
 Emotecraft (Forge)   KosmX 
 Farmer's Delight   vectorwing 
 Harvest   Naxanria 
 Hedgehogs   orcinus73 
 Hexerei   JoeFoxe 
 Just Enough Items (JEI)   mezz 
 Kiwi 🥝 (Forge)   Snownee_ 
 KleeSlabs   BlayTheNinth 
 Light Overlay (Rift/Forge/Fabric)   shedaniel 
 Magical Torches   GeheimagentNr1 
 Many Ideas Core   GeheimagentNr1 
 Many Ideas Doors   GeheimagentNr1 
 Many Ideas Halloween   GeheimagentNr1 
 More Concrete   AutovwLive 
 More MobGriefing Options   GeheimagentNr1 
 Mumble Integration   GeheimagentNr1 
 Mysterious Mountain Lib   sz0999312 
 Not Enough Animations   tr9zw 
 OpenBlocks Elevator   vsngarcia 
 playerAnimator   KosmX 
 Rapid Leaf Decay   GeheimagentNr1 
 Recipes Library   GeheimagentNr1 
 Selectable Painting   GeheimagentNr1 
 Selene Lib   MehVahdJukaar 
 Sit   bl4ckscor3 
 Skin Layers 3D (Fabric/Forge)   tr9zw 
 Snowy Spirit   MehVahdJukaar 
 Snuffles   schnappdragon 
 Sophisticated Backpacks   P3pp3rF1y 
 Storage Drawers   Texelsaur 
 Supplementaries   MehVahdJukaar 
 The One Probe   McJty 
 This Rocks! (Forge)   Mrbysco 
 Torch Slabs Mod   EndlesNights 
 Vein Mining (Forge)   TheIllusiveC4 
 Witches Brew   ThatGravyBoat 
 Xaero's Minimap   xaero96 
 Xaero's World Map   xaero96 
 YDM's CopperGolem   YourDailyModderx 


Resource Packs

Attention: All resource packs need OptiFine to work!

 Resource Pack Name   Author   Needs OptiFine? 
 Arachnophobia   Muse31   Yes 
 Better Dogs   mrblueyeti   Yes 
 Crops 3D Revamped   Vexcenot   No 
 Farmer's Delight crops 3D   Alonlystalker   No 
 Fishy's Toucans!   Fishysalmon02   Yes 
 Fresh Animations   Fresh__LX   Yes 
 Invisible Armor (OptiFine Required)   thedeaddandy   Yes 



We recommend using Complementary Shaders by EminGTR.


Thanks to RiaStarchild for the logo and the banner.