Selectable Painting

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Version 2.X.X-3.X.X

For older versions of the mod check the wiki.

Mod adds the Selectable Painting, that can select the painting, that should be placed.
The Mod is need on server and client side.


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Supported Versions Image
Minecraft versions, for which the mod is not released, are not supported.
You can find a text version here.

How to use the Selectable Painting?

With a right-click on a block, you place the painting.
If you hang the painting down, you get the painting item with the size and painting selected, that you hang up.
With a right click into the air, you can open a GUI, where you can select the painting size and the painting.
If you tick "Random Painting", a random painting with the selected size will be placed.
Selected Painting GUI

The current size and the selected painting is shown in the tooltip.
Selectable Painting Tooltip

If the painting is too big for the place to place on, you get an error message.
Selectable Painting Error Message


Selectable Painting Recipe

Recipe: Painting in any slot of the crafting table
Selectable Painting Recipe

Painting Recipe

Recipe: Selectable Painting in any slot of the crafting table
Painting Recipe

Thanks for the logo to Muse31.
You can use this mod in non-commercial modpacks without asking.
You can find more mods from me here.

This is a Forge mod only. There will be no Fabric version. It will not be backported.