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This resource pack works for minecraft versions 1.18.2 and below down to version 1.8.9.

This resource pack requires Optifine OR Fabric with the mods listed in the spoiler below to work.

Note: using this resource pack with Fabric causes some very minor bugs in certain dog models.


VERY IMPORTANT: See the required mod configs in the screenshots here: Click here


Mods needed to make the Better Dog resource pack work with Fabric/Sodium are listed below. All mods go in the minecraft mods folder.


IMPORTANTMake sure all mods match your version of Fabric.


Some base functions are slightly bugged but can be fixed using the following workaround:
To make the dog breeds appear in-game, press F3 + T after taming a wolf / giving a tamed wolf a supported name tag.


Fabric (required):

Required mods:
Custom Entity Models (CEM)

Cloth Config API


Entity Texture Features

Mod Menu


Fabric API

Optional (not required but highly recommended for more FPS):





 (Read the description below if you're experiencing issues) 

Breeds and amount of varieties
In-Game screenshots of all varieties: Click here 

Supported name tags, nametags, How it works
Separate versions
These separate versions have much less impact on your FPS
(click the download buttons to download)



                   These special versions are just for fun
(click the download buttons to download)


 troubleshooting, bug, bugs, strings, bugged, glitch, glitched

(For Optifine only)


For a step-by-step guide: CLICK HERE     


Adding custom name tags:

In this short guide we'll be adding a custom name tag for the golden retriever:


1) Go to the minecraft resource pack folder. (%appdata% > .minecraft > resourcepacks)

2) Open the version of the better dogs resource pack you're using.

3) Locate to assets/minecraft/Optifine/mob/wolf.

4) Open the file using notepad++ or a similair text editing tool.

5) Press ctrl + f and type in the breed you want to add a custom name for (in this example we'll use the golden retriever)

6) The file will jump to the following lines:

skins.26=11 12
name.26=iregex:.*(golden retriever|golden).*
weights.26=1 1

7) The following line shows the current supported name tags:

name.26=iregex:.*(golden retriever|golden).*

8) We're adding the following custom name: Mike wazowski. We'll seperate this custom name from the other names by using the " | " symbol:

skins.26=11 12
name.26=iregex:.*(golden retriever|golden|Mike wazowski).*
weights.26=1 1

Overwrite the current file. The custom name Mike wazowski will now be supported.
(If you're already in game while changing these files, press F3 + t at the same time to refresh your active resource packs).

This guide works for all breeds, not just the golden retriever.
- Other people using this resource pack won't see the same breed as you when using a custom added name tag unless they go trough this same process and add the same names.


  • Thank you to Francy_Chan for making the collars in the Better dogs V1.2 (With collars) version of this pack and helping me with figuring out name tags.
  • Thank you to EGOIST1372 for helping me figure out how to make this resource pack work with Sodium-Fabric
  • The custom fonts used on this page are made by codeman38
  • The sound effects used in the special versions of this resource pack are made by Hot Ideas Inc. and Zapsplat


Do NOT upload this pack anywhere without my permission.

Please put a link to this resource pack in the description of your video when using it on youtube.


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