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Snowy Spirit Mod  

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📖 About 📖

Snowy Spirit is a Winter themed mod that adds many decorative blocks & featuresl This mod is highly configurable and all its blocks and items can be tweaked or disabled. Its main features are:

This Project was made during Winter Jam 2021


🛷 Sleds🛷


• Sleds are new way to get around Snow. Differently from Boats they curve around the terrain they encounter making them able to smoothly climb up and down slopes.
• When going downhill they will also accelerate further making ski courses possible.
• Sleds have improved mobility on Ice and while being able to slide on Snow are still able to steer and you can even bring them to a full stop by rotating the sled by 90 degrees, as you would in real life!
• Chests can be placed on them to give some inventory space. Also works with Shulker Boxes and Sacks from Supplementaries.
• You can also attach a tamed Wolf with a Lead to it. When Sleds are pulled by Wolves they will have increase mobility, speed and will be able to climb up with minimal deceleration.
• Igloos can now spawn with an additional Sled with Chest in front that can contain some sweet winter loot.
• Sleds can be further customized by placing Carpets on top of them. Doing so will additionally prevent freezing when sledding on top of frigid Powdered Snow.



☃️ Villagers AI☃️

• During winter time villagers will occasionally place down Wreaths on their house doors. They can only place one each and don't worry, they will clean them up when winter is over. Wreath placing can happen during idle time so at around 0 for example.
• If you have Supplementaries installed villagers will also place down Present blocks containing some cool items. They will only be able to place one Present each and will do so during their meet time (after 9000) around their meeting point.
• Baby villagers from Taiga and Tundra will throw Snowballs at any entity they see during their play time.
• "Winter Time" is a period of time which can be configured with the provided configs and by default goes from the 20th of December to the 30th of January.
• If you have Serene Seasons installed you can also make the mod follow its seasons instead.



🎁 New Blocks🎁

• Ginger: a new crop that can be crafted into Gingerbread Blocks, a new decorative block. Wild Ginger can be found in Sparse Jungle biomes.
• Gumdrops: they come in all colors and can be pushed by entities acting as a mix between a Button and a Pressure Plate that works on all directions.
• Candy Cane: a sweet looking item, literally. Can be crafted in decorative Candy Cane Blocks.
• Wreaths: can be placed on doors to bring some Christmasy joy to your house. Works with all modded doors as well.
• Glow Lights: an item that can be placed on any Leaves to give it some glow in the dark action. Can be removed with Shears or broken.
• Snow Globe: a block that will change to its snowy state when placed in places where it can snow.
• New music disc: a new winter themed music disc has been added and can be rarely found in Presents and Igloo Sled Chests.


🍪 Gingerbread Golems🍪

• Gingerbread Golems can be created by placing a pumpkin on a gingerbread block and adding a gumdrop button on the body.
• These funny little creatures will follow their owner like a pet but wont teleport. They can be commanded to sit with shift click.


• When right clicked with an empty stomach you will be able to take take a bite at them! They are some walking cookies after all.
• You can fix up their limbs by feeding them some other gingerbread cookies.

• Don't feed them milk tho! Water too can hurt them.
• Come in different personality, one for each of the 16 colors

• Gingerbread Houses are a new structure that spawns in snowy biomes. They contain a witch and essentially work like a snowy witch hut. There some gingerbread golems will also naturally spawn



❤️Support Me❤️

Modding is taking a lot of my time, so if you like what I do, and you would like to support me, you can do so here. If you do, you'll receive a custom Globe and or Statue just for you! This also applies if you purchase a server from Akliz using "supplementaries" code.


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They really have a cozy community with great support and the servers wonderfully
Use code "supplementaries" to get 20% off and also support me in the process!


🏆 Extra Credits🏆

  • DemiMark for the Sleds Sounds
  • SophieTheTrophy for ginger block ones

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