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32,654 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1

A BSL Edit that aims to be as issueless as possible while providing top tier visuals.

Complementary Shaders are specialised to be issueless as possible. This means that everything you will see in this pack was meant to be used in gameplay. This shaderpack (at first, BSL) was used in survival with many people for months, and it has been developed/edited according to what people wanted. The end result is a pack that comes with a resource pack that has to be used in order to make everything look as they should. This resource pack is used to give the shaderpack more information about how it should render blocks. But if you aren't going to play vanilla, then you can enable the "Compatibility Mode" and make the shader compatible with nearly everything.

Path 1: If you are NOT using big mods AND you are playing on 1.13.2 or higher:
  1) Select the ComplementaryResources as your resource pack (for reflections and better lights)
  2) You can use a different PBR resource pack if you want to
  3) Select the ComplementaryShaders as your shader pack

Path 2: If you ARE using big mods, OR you're on 1.12.2 or below, OR you just want more fps:
  1) Ignore the ComplementaryResources
  2) Select the ComplementaryShaders as your shader pack
  3) Go to Shader Options and click "Profile" on the top right to enable the "Compatibility Mode"

Main Changes Over BSL: (in no particular order, and doesn't include all changes/additions/fixes)
+ Improved performance (When comparing the PBR modes of both shaders).
Added a new profile called "Bedrock RTX-ish" that is similiar to the Bedrock RTX Beta but performs well.
+ Added a new profile (but it's more than just a profile) called "Compatibility Mode" to make the shader compatible with nearly every mod and Minecraft version.
+ Added underwater caustics.
Improved the waving foliage and water to no longer wave in closed areas.
+ Clouds have been improved to look more like real life clouds, but still stylized.
+ Bloom has been improved to look less scattered.
+ Added unloaded area hiding fog like the one in vanilla.
+ Improved the lightmaps to hide the limitations of Minecraft's lightmaps.
+ Added a Distance Blur mode to Depth of Field, and improved it to look less buggy on some situations.
+ Stars have been improved, and also added the option for vanilla stars.
+ Seperated both the TAA and Auto-Exposure to "Lite" and "Intense" modes.
+ Many config tweaks have been made to make everything more suitable for gameplay.
+ Added many things to Shader Options for even better customizability.
+ Improved the reflection code to look the best on most situations. Now there should be closer to zero false reflections.
+ Added a different method for rough reflections. It's one of the fastest and most issueless methods you will see on a Minecraft shader.
+ Added stylized purple clouds to the end dimension.
Improved particle opacity/brightness handling.
Fixed end portals and gateways looking boring compared to vanilla.
Fixed light jumping from sun to moon during morning/evening.
Fixed lighting bolts being invisible.*
+ Fixed Depth Of Field producing weird bright lines with AMD GPUs.*
+ Fixed rain/snow disappearing after switching dimensions.*
+ Fixed many things getting way too bright when they are near a light source.
+ Fixed sky reflections appearing in wrong places.
+ LabPBR Ambient Occlusion is now affected by light.
+ Added unique support for some modded dimensions, including (but not limited to) Twilight Forest, The Midnight, and Atum 2.
+ Overworld shaders have been put in place for all non-unique modded dimensions.
+ Light sources have been crafted by hand using specular maps to provide the best look possible.
+ Powered redstone, drowneds' eyes, strays' eyes, guardians' eyes+beams, end gateway beams, magma cubes' eyes, mysterious thing on witches' hats, endermites' eyes, experience orbs, inside of end crystals, blazes' eyes, phantoms' eyes, withers' eyes, conduits' magic winds and so much more stuff that should glow are now glowing.
+ Added subtle to intense reflections that are made and tweaked by hand for every single block that should have reflections, without changing the vanilla look and feel of any textures.
+ Many (over 200+) more small tweaks, additions and fixes to be as issueless as possible while providing top tier visuals
*: Fixes that are marked with * means that BSL now also has that fix because I gave it to Capt Tatsu (the developer of BSL).

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I'm having problems with mods, what should I do?
A: Please check out the known mod issue fixes:
Q: I want to use a different PBR pack together with ComplementaryResources, what should I do?
A: Please follow this guide:
Q: It says the resource pack is made for a newer Minecraft version, what should I do?

A: If you are playing on 1.13 or a newer version, just ignore that message and keep on going. There won't be any problems. If you're playing on 1.12 or a lower version, you can't use the resource pack. Please enable the Compatibility Mode in "Shader Options" -> "Profile" on the top left.
Q: My screen goes very dark when it rains, why?
A: It's because Complementary isn't fully compatible with Intel graphics. You can disable rain completely by doing "/gamerule DoWeatherCycle false" if you want to.


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