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  Complementary is a Minecraft Java Edition shader pack based on Capt Tatsu's "BSL Shaders". The goal of Complementary is being good at everything. Performance, gameplay, beauty, compatibility; you name it. Complementary will try to provide you the most issueless experience possible within the limitations of Optifine's shader pipeline. It runs reasonably fast, supports almost every GPU and driver, works well with mods that no one thought a shader pack could be compatible with, fixes problems that no other shader packs adressed before, doesn't disturb you with excessive effects, and most importantly, it looks good according to the users. If you're wondering about what's changed over BSL, you can check out the complete changelog from BSL to Complementary here:

Frequently Asked Questions:
- Question 1: I'm having problems with mods, what should I do?
    Answer: Please check out the known mod issue fixes:
- Question 2: The sky looks wrong, what should I do?
Go to "Options" -> "Video Settings" -> "Details" and enable the "Sky".
- Question 3: Does this shaderpack have ray tracing?
Light shafts and reflections are ray traced.

For help, questions, suggestions, early access, and more:  


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