Tektopian Society

787 Downloads Last Updated: May 12, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Tektopian Society modpack includes staple Minecraft mods that expand the vanilla experience and add some convenience. This pack was created to support the Tektopian Society Multiplayer server, but can be used as a single-player pack.


Those looking to join the Tektopian Society Multiplayer server will find it included in the pack under multiplayer, or manually add tektopiansociety.serveminecraft.com.

You can also join us on discord at https://discord.gg/wAhpeWZ.


The most notable mods are:

TekTopia, a mod by TangoTek that completely overhauls villages. Villagers will actually work as farmers, miners, ranchers, guards, enchanters, druids and clerics among other things. Their wares can be utilized by the player or sold to traveling merchants for emeralds that can be used to continue expanding your village and economy.


Biomes O'Plenty, which gives you much more variety in the environments you start your Tektopia Village.

Chisel and Bits provides tools to create the handcrafted village Tektopians deserve.

Charm adds improvements to generated villages and backports future features like 1.14 Pillagers.

Worley's caves makes cave exploration worthwhile.

Future MC backports Minecraft blocks like stripped wood, barrels, lanterns, job blocks and entities like bees and pandas from 1.13-1.15 back to 1.12.2.

Schematica makes it easy to to transfer a build or replicate homes for villagers.

NetherEx is the Nether update we deserved that Mojang is trying to recreate.

NetheriteOld adds Ancient debris and Netherite equipment from 1.16 to your 1.12 Tektopia world.

Quark adds many new blocks, emotes and other cosmetics.


This pack also includes:

Advanced Shulkerboxes



AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs



Dynamic Surroundings

Familiar Fauna


Improved Backpacks

Inventory Tweaks


Just Enough Items (JEI)

More Overlays

Mouse Tweaks

Natures's Compass

Placeable Items

Quality Tools

Simple Storage Network

Sound Filters

Spartan Shields

Spartan Weaponry


The Disenchanter Mod

Tool Belt




Water Mechanics 1.13 Backport


XP Tome

Zombie Awareness


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