Medieval Kingdom: Dragons and Lords

Welcome to the world of "Medieval Kingdom: Dragons and Lords" - an amazing set of modifications for Minecraft that will transport you to the magical medieval era, where you have the opportunity to become a powerful dragon or a fearless ruler. Get ready for unforgettable adventures and epic battles in this unique world!

The main features of the modpack are: 

  • Create your own kingdom and manage it: Discover your leadership and build your own kingdom from the ground up. Build castles, defense towers, erect walls and develop your domain, gaining more and more power.
  • Creating your own ships: Do you feel the soul of an explorer in you? Modpack allows you to build your own floating or flying ships. Design your own fleet and set out to conquer unknown territories.
  • Dragons from the "How to Train Your Dragon" universe: Enter a world full of mysterious dragons, inspired by the popular animated film "How to Train Your Dragon." Train your own dragon, develop his skills and together with him face the dangers and challenges rising above you.
  • Many Structures to Discover: Go on countless adventures as you explore new villages, mysterious dungeons and hidden grottoes. Each structure hides its own puzzles and treasures for you to obtain, as well as enemies to face.
  • New Creatures: Get ready to meet the diverse creatures that inhabit this medieval world. From menacing monsters to friendly creatures, your encounters will be full of surprises and challenges.
  • New combat system: Master the art of fighting and face your opponents. The modpack introduces new elements to the combat system, so you can use your skills to the fullest and become an unbeatable fighter.

Get ready for an endless adventure in which you will take on the role of a dragon or a human to make history in this fantastic world. Will you build a mighty kingdom or become a legedar dragon - the choice is yours!

Isle of Berk - GhanouCraft
Dragon Survival - BlackAuresArt

MineColonies - Raycoms

Immersive Weathering - OrdanaryMods

Quark - Vazkii

Just Enough Items - Mezz

Alex's Mobs - Sbom_xela

Ice and Fire: Dragons - Sbom_xela

Apotheosis - Shadows_of_Fire

Jade - Snownee_

Fantasy's Furniture - ApexMdr

Forbidden and Arcanus - Cesar_zorak

Corpse - Henkelmax

Eureka! Airships! - Rubydesic

Serene Seasons - TheAdubbz

Realistic Torches - Chaosyr

Comforts - TheIllusiveC4

Diagonal Fences - Fuzs

Nock Enough Arrows - Itayfeder

Polymorph - TheIllusiveC4

Waystones - BlayTheNinth

Epic Fight - Maninthe_home

Kobolds! - Jusey1z

Tinkers Construct - MDiyo

FramedBlocks - XFactHD

Immersive Paintings - Conczin

Blue Skies - ModdingLegacy

Nether Depths Upgrade - Scouter567

Macaw's Windows - Sketch_macaw

Macaw's Furniture - Sketch_macaw

Sophisticated Backpacks - P3pp3rF1y

Sophisticated Storage - P3pp3rF1y

Infernal Expansion - InfernalStudios

Days in the Middle Ages - TeamGPT

Alcocraft: Beer & Stuff - Hadrus91

HT's TreeChop - Hammertater

Simple Login - Seraph_jack

Terralith - Starmute

Additional Structures - XxRexRaptorxX


When Dungeons Arise - Aureljz - Deleted 1.0.3

Medieval Music - Someaddon

Dynamic Surroundings - OreCruncher

Better Fps - Render Distance - Someaddon

Dynamic Lights - Atomicstrykergrumpy

Oculus - Asek3

Rubidium - Asek3

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