Nether Depths Upgrade

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Nether Depths Upgrade is a small mod that adds some extra flora and fauna to the lava seas of the nether. A total of nine fish have been added, a new enchant and a potion in order to explore the lava in the nether. 



Geckolib 3.0 


The latest update adds some new fish and a new glass that allows you to see in lava, so you can make all your lava based aquariums ;)


Lava fishing

This mod adds the ability to fish in lava(overworld/nether)


The new fish

Soul suckers in the soul sand valley, soul suckers can be used to craft some lovely boots 


Witherbonefish in the soul sand valley


Bonefish in the nether wastes


Searing cod in the nether wastes


Glowdine in the crimson forest


Lava pufferfish in the warped forest, lava pufferfish can be used to brew a new potion


Obsidianfish in the basalt deltas


Magma cube fish in the basalt deltas 


Blazefish in a fortress piece


The depths also give way for sponges to spawn that can absorb lava and dry when placed in water


The depths also spawn vents that spawn some good ores


For suggestions, bug reports and general chat about the mod, join the discord server below!

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