Immersive Paintings [Fabric/Forge]

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Enhance your Minecraft experience with Immersive Paintings, the mod that revolutionizes the way you decorate your in-game builds. Say goodbye to the limited and pixelated selection of paintings in the vanilla game, and hello to a vast array of high-quality, Minecraft-stylized paintings that you can create yourself using the mod's easy-to-use drag and drop feature or by providing a URL or even using a screenshot. No resource pack required and perfect for multiplayer use, Immersive Paintings is the perfect mod for players who want to take their in-game decorating to the next level.

The mod offers a simple yet powerful GUI to select your paintings, those from fellow players or those provided via optional datapacks. Default datapack available for a quick start! image


The creation menu allows you to quickly pixelate your images and apply post-effects and dithering to make them look like they fit into Minecraft, without much fiddling around. image


But what's a fancy painting without a fancy frame? Select from different styles and a lot of materials to put your artwork into a better focus. image


Using smart level of details, caching and lazy streaming of data the performance impact is not noticeable. image


Also available with glowing paint! image


Your image has transparency? No problem, use a graffiti and spray it on every wall! image  

And here is the crafting recipe.


Joy of Painting compatible! Just slap a canvas on a painting to showcase! image



  • Expand to banners, flags and gravity
  • Add more frame styles
  • Translations via Crowdin
  • Tackle Minecrafts too dark lighting model


For Server Admins

Immersive Paintings has to transfer and store images, on a server they may get quite a lot. If your server suffers from low bandwidth, or storage space, take a look at the config file: https://github.com/Luke100000/ImmersivePaintings/wiki/Config It allows a few limitations for users and bandwidth throttling to adjust to your need.



Optionally, share packs of paintings using datapacks:




Get involved in development and share cursed memes here: https://discord.gg/agxcvAdj2a



You would like to have the mod in your language? Help translate the mod on Crowdin! https://crowdin.com/project/immersive-collection


Immersive Collection

For maximum immersion, check out my other immersive mods:



You like 32px or Faithful more? Check out this resourcepack: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/immersive-paintings-faithful-addon