Nock Enough Arrows

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Nock Enough Arrows is a mod that aims to expand upon archery in Minecraft, by adding more arrows, other archery-related items and functionality to existing blocks.



This part details the features of the mod. The mod is in active development, and features are added all of the time.


The mod currently adds 23 new arrows, most of which can be created in a Fletching Table. Each arrow also has a unique advancement when you find it.

  • Pufferfish Arrow - Places a small Pufferfish where it hits.
  • Explosive Arrow - Creates a small explosion where the arrow hits.
  • Slime Arrow - Bounces 3 times when hitting a surface.
  • Prismarine Arrow - Weak and slow outside of water, but strong and speedy in water.
  • Hookshot Arrow - Leashes the entity the arrow hits.
  • Message Arrow - Displays the name you gave to an arrow as a name tag for the arrow.
  • Teleportation Arrow - Teleports the owner where the arrow hits.
  • Ink Arrow - Creates a cloud of blinding ink around where it hits.
  • Torch Arrow - Places a Torch where the arrow hits.
  • Soul Torch Arrow - Places a Soul Torch where the arrow hits.
  • Redstone Torch Arrow - Places a Redstone Torch where the arrow hits.
  • Ethereal Arrow - Can pass through a wall when it flies.
  • Dousing Arrow - Removes fires and turns Lava into Obsidian.
    • Blossom Arrow - Creates a Bone Meal effect where it hits.
    • Growing Arrow - Grows in size and strength the longer it flies.
    • Drill Arrow - Breaks the block it hits, if it can be broken with an Iron tool.
    • Split Arrow - Splits into 8 arrows, flying in different directions when it hits the ground.
    • Party Arrow - Explodes into a firework after a certain time or when it hits something.
    • Repulsive Arrow - Makes entities run away from the arrow.
    • Echoing Arrow - Reveals all entities around where it hits.
    • Seeker Arrow - Homes at the nearest entity. Just be sure to aim near it!
    • Cupid Arrow - Makes an entity fall in love
    • Reinforced Arrow - Stronger and pierces armor.



The Quiver is a new item, which can be used to store arrows inside of it. It can hold 5 stacks of arrows in it.

The arrows can be places inside of it and taken out just like a Bundle.

The selected arrow is displayed with a little icon at the top-left of the slot. You can press a special keybind (set to B by default), to switch between to selected arrow.

The arrow you select will be shot first.


The mod also adds 3 new enchantments for the Quiver:

  • Stockpile - Expands the quiver, allowing it to store 1 more stack per enchantment level. Has 4 levels.
  • Recovery - When shooting an arrow from inside the quiver, there is a chance that the arrow will not be consumed. The chance is 5% per level. Has 3 levels.
  • Cycle - When shooting an arrow, the quiver cycles to the next arrow automatically. Has 1 level.


Fletching Table:

The Fletching Table gets an improvement!
Now, you can access the Fletching Table, allowing you to fletch arrows inside of it!
Using the Fletching Table, you can create all of the arrows the mod adds.




Q: Can I use this mod in a Modpack?

A: Of course! Please tell me if you use it though, I would love to know where it's found!

Q: I have found a bug. Where can I post it?

A: You can post it in the comments. I will reply to it as fast as I can.


Q: I have a new idea for you! How can I reach you?

A: I love hearing your ideas! You can DM me your idea or post it here, and I will try to reach you as fast as I can.
If your idea is added, I will credit you on this page!



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