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Epic fight transforms Minecraft's combat system into RPG style not only for players but also for hostile creatures. If you want to experience some different battle styles in Minecraft, Epic fight would be the best option.




Toggle building/battle mode (initial setting is R)


You can only use the modded combat system in battle mode.


Basic attack (vanilla attack key)



Dash attack(vanilla attack key during sprinting)



Dodging(initial vanilla sneak key, must learn skill after 1.16.5-5.0.0)



Special attack(press attack key long, press length can be set in mod config)



Weapon & Armor

Some new attributes are added involving the new combat system.

Armor negation: this percentage won't decrease the total damage by defense points.

Impact: this attribute will increase the total stun time of the hit target.

Hit N enemies per swing: the maximum number of hittable enemies per swing.

Weight: This attribute shortens the stun time when hit, but increases the stamina consumption of skills and decreases attack speed. Items with high attack speed will be affected more.

Stun Armor: This attribute will increase the time between stuns.

The Special Attack

Most weapons have a special attack. To use this attack, you have to fill their special attack gauge. It will increase when you deal damage to any kind of entity that has HP. The special attacks are more powerful than basic and dash attack. You can see the tooltip of a special attack by pressing the special attack tooltip key. (initial setting is 'P')



Sharpness enchantment will increase the damage of every type of attack.

Sweeping Edge 

Sweeping edge enchantment will increase the damage of special attack(50% | 67% | 75%)


Knockback enchantment will increase the stun time.


Twohanded weapons are unable to be held in the offhand and disable the offhand function.


Weapon Combination

Some weapons have different attack styles depending on what is being held in the offhand. The basic attack animation and the special attack will be changed. Try the various attack styles!



All animated attacks stun the target for a short time, including the player. You can't control your character during this time. You need Stun Armor and Weight points to protect yourself.

Stun Armor and Weight points can be acquired by equipping armors. The more valuable armor, the more Stun Armor point you will get.


Stamina & Skills

You can learn skills through the skill book. They're in dungeon chests or dropped from the hostile mobs with a low chance. Skills are classified into three types: Dodge, Guard, and Passive.

Dodge skills consume stamina. Stamina is displayed in the right-bottom corner.

Guard skills consume stamina. They can block the attacks like shields in the vanilla but have a short stun time.

Passive skills are automatically applied when their condition is met.



In the mod option screen

Long Press Counter: How many ticks it'll take for it to be recognized as a long press (Used for special attack)

FIlter Animation: Disable the animated model when the player is not in battle mode.

Camera Auto Switch: Automatically switches camera person, when switching mining/battle mode.

Auto Preparation: Automatically go to the battle mode when you are hit by a monster.

In the world

/gamerule hasFallAnimation true/false (default true)

Determines if the landing animation should play when the player takes more than a certain amount of fall damage.

/gamerule weightPenalty 0~100 (default 100)

Determines how much the player will be penalized by weight. (Attack speed and stamina consumption)

/gamerule doVanillaAttack true/false (default true)

Determines if the player can use a vanilla attack.

/gamerule keepSkills true/false (default false)

Determines if the skills the player learned will be kept after the player dies.






 Found in Jungle and Dessert temple chests.





Netherite Weapons




Q. How can I make different mods compatible?


Weapon & Armor


Entity (Only works in 1.16.x)

Q. the mod armor is invisible or looks weird!

A: https://github.com/Yesssssman/epicfightmod/wiki/Creating-custom-armor-resource-pack

Q. Are there any plans to backport the latest update to 1.12.2?
A: No, 1.12.2 is discontinued.

Q. Any plans to make a Fabric version?
A: No, I'm not familiar with Fabric API and The project is too big to update two versions at the same time.

Q. Any plans to make a PE version?
A: No, Minecraft PE is totally different from Java edition.

Q. Why are no languages other than English?
A: I will not include any language files. This is because it's hard to correct the translation error. Use the best translation file you think.


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