Epic Fight Mod

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Toggle build/battle mode (initial key is R)



Basic Attack

press your attack key


Dash Attack

press your attack key while sprinting



press your sneak key short


Weapon Special Attack

press your attack key long when your special attack is prepared.


New equipment functions:


Ignore defense: the amount of percent of this value from the total damage will not be decreased by defense points of the target.(but still affected by potion and armor enchantments) the default value is 0.

Impact : this value will increase the stun time of the target. the default value is 0.5

Hit enemies : the maximum number of attackable enemies per one swing. the default value is 1



Weight: this value will shorten the stun time when you are hit, but increase skill cooldown and decrease the attack speed. Items with high attack speed will be affected more. the default value of the entity's weight is calculated by ( entity's max health x 2 ) 


The Special Attack

you can check the weapon's special attack by pressing 'p'

When you inflict damage to other entities, the special attack gauge fills up. When the special attack gauge becomes full, you can do special attacks.

It can have a damage value independent of the original weapon.





the GUI indicating your status is added in the corner of the screen when you're in battle mode.

The left icon is dodging skill. the number on it indicates remain cooldown time
The right icon indicates your recent holding weapon's special attack. the number on it indicates the percentage collected for a special attack.




Hit Stun

if the entity is hit by mod style combat, it'll be stunned a short time. this can be extended by the impact stat of the attacker, or be shorten by hit one's weight.

total stun time formula is:

total time = ( 0.25 + impact * 0.1 + knockback enchantment level * 0.1 * (40 / entity weight) ) * stum time reduction


* entity weight is basically calculated (entity max health * 2). Can be raised from equipping armor.
* if total time under 0.25 sec, hit animation will be removed and not be played.
* if total time exceeds 0.8 sec, hit animation will be changed to long stun animation, which is fixed to 0.8 sec.
* after the hit animation played on the entity, the stun time reduction is obtained as follow:
( (1.0 - current stum time reduction) * 0.8 ). this will goes down 0.05 per tick.


Stun Armor

Some mobs have stun armor(enderman: 6, wither skeleton: 4). As you can see in the image, there's a yellow bar below the red health bar. this will protect the entity from hit stun. to remove this, you need to hit them with weapons that have high impact stat. stun armor is subtracted as attacker's impact stat when be hit



Recipies(Over the 1.16.4-1.2.0 version):








Q: This mod crashes with the optifine mod!

A: There're incompatible versions between the optifine and epicfight. Also, there's the same issue between forge and optifine. I highly recommend you to use the latest version of them.

Q: How can I make weapons of different mods compatible?




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