CREATE Skyblock

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CREATE Skyblock 2
now for Minecraft Version 1.16.5
can we play Create on a skyblock world?
!! yes we can !!

The Main Mod of this modpack is Create

With Create you can build a big town with a lot of Automations. you can build Factorys with gears,pipes and more.

datapacks have been created to be able to play Create on a Skyblock world and a few advancements have been added to give you rewards

!! important !!

this pack has a default world save. Please be sure to make a copy of this world or rename it otherwise.

!! DON`T RE-CREATE the save !!

Your world will be deleted when the pack updates!

Custom Generators give you cool Blocks (only in CREATE Skyblock V2 1.16.5)

This is a small modpack with a total of 50 mods





here`s the list of mods:CREATE Skyblock V2  (1.16.4)




here`s the list of mods:(Create Skyblock (1.15.2)


 Torchmaster (by xalcon)





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