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Item Collectors

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Item Collectors


Item Collectors adds Collectors which collect items in a specified range! Item Collectors range can be changed and items can be whitelisted or blacklisted!




Basic Item Collector Basic Item Collector

- The Basic Item Collector has a range of up to 5 blocks!

- Right-click a Basic Item Collector to open its GUI


Advanced Item Collector Advanced Item Collector

- The Advanced Item Collector has a range of up to 7 blocks!

- Right-click an Advanced Item Collector to open its GUI

- The Advanced Item Collector can filter items




Step-by-step Guide:


Placing an Item Collector

1. Place down the block you want to items to go into
2. Place the Item Collector on top


Setting the range

1. Right-Click on the Item Collector
2. Change the range for the x-, y-, and z-axis using the arrow buttons





Where do the collected items go?

The Item Collectors will place collected items into the block below itself

Is there a limit on the amount of items collected?

No, the item collectors will instantly collect all items in their range

Can I use your mod in my modpack?

Yes, feel free to use my mod in your modpack




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Legal Stuff

Item Collectors is the property of SuperMartijn642 and is protected under copyright law and may not be altered or reuploaded without direct permission from SuperMartijn642.


Item Collectors