Loot Bag Mod

51,444 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

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This mod adds 1 item a bag that when held aloft and right clicked will give you 10 random items from a list (which is shuffled every time a loot bag is used) of every item in the game (including mods) and is then destroyed).


In 1.12 Almost all mods should work with the Loot Bag Mod though some items such as those with nbt/metadata/variants wont work as the mod has no way of knowing all the possible variants or combinations of metadata and nbt.


The Loot Bag isn't craftable and can only be found in desert temples, jungle temples, dungeons, strongholds, end cities and abandoned mineshafts.


in the config you can:

-Add Items/blocks to the blacklist.

 -Change the max quantity of each dropped item (drop quantities are randomly chose with a minium of 1 and a maximum of whatever the stacksize is set to in the config).

-Turn on the debug mode to get more info about whats dropping.
-How many items get dropped when the bag is used (default 10)

-Enable the whitelist

-Enable loot bags dropping sometimes when hostile mobs are killed

-Blacklist items based on mod name (1.16.2 v1.6+ only)

-Blacklist/whitelist items with tags (1.16.2 v1.6+ only)

-Add and remove loot bags from mob drops (1.16.2 v1.6+ only)

-Change mob drop chance for Loot Bags (1.16.3/4 V1.6.3+ only)



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