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Note: This is the Forge version!
Looking for Fabric version of this mod? Check out this Fabric mod by XanthianZ!

Fed up of how there is only one crafting table? The one that looks like it's based on oak planks. Isn't it weird when you try to make a crafting table out of Nether fungus, and suddenly you have a normal-looking crafting table? Need a Crafting Table that fits with the theme and aesthetics of your house? Fret no more!

    Variant Crafting Tables!

Crafting Tables from Vanilla Planks!
What does this mod do, exactly? Why, of course, it adds a Crafting Table for each of the vanilla planks! While there are other mods, the aim of this mod is to ensure more vanilla consistency and give the Crafting Tables a more unique looks. That's right, they're not merely recolours! They look quite different from each other!

Crafting is as simple as using four of the corresponding wood planks!

This mod also introduces Minecart with Crafting Table so you can craft on the go! I recommend using Quark mod to allow you to chain together Minecarts.

Video Overview

Mod Features

  • Adds over 100 Crafting Tables!
  • Adds Minecart with Crafting Table! Supports each Crafting Table variant! Put a Crafting Table above the Minecart while crafting!
  • Recipe advancement for each crafting table when you pick up wood planks for that vanilla consistency!
  • Fitting with vanilla theme!
  • Woodworks integration! Cut logs into crafting tables with Sawmill from Woodworks.
  • Supports over 50 Forge mods!

Currently Supported Languages

en_us (American English)
en_ca (Canadian English)
de_de (German)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this for Forge or Fabric?
It's for Forge. If you're looking for Fabric version, try the mod by XanthianZ.

Will there be 1.12.2 version?
No! That version is too old and it's best to work towards gradually phasing out 1.12.2 in favour for newer Minecraft versions. Plus, 1.12 has different textures and I do not want to spend time making textures to fit.

Why can't I mix planks anymore?
Because the vanilla crafting table recipe has been overriden so it uses only oak planks for vanilla crafting tables. It's a small price to pay to have all those neat crafting tables.

Can you add support for <insert  name here> mod?
Certainly! There are two ways to go about with this:
* (1) Adding the Crafting Table yourself and also conditionally set crafting and creative tab to be available only when variant crafting tables mod is installed OR...
* (2) Make a pull request on GitHub with the Crafting Table assets, textures, and code.

What mods are currently supported?
See the dropdown labeled 'Supported Mods'

Why isn't the mod working properly? I can't craft the modded crafting tables! The recipes are being weird!
Try using the /datapack command to disable Variant Crafting Tables datapack, then enable the datapack, making sure to append last after the mod ID, to ensure the data pack will load last, allowing recipes to properly work.

Step 1: /datapack disable "mod:variant_crafting_tables"
Step 2: /datapack enable "mod:variant_crafting_tables" last

Current Supported Mods - The following mods are supported by Variant Crafting Tables!