Variant Crafting Tables [Fabric]

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Variant Crafting Tables [Fabric]

This mod was developed for 1.18/1.19 on Fabric, there are no plans for a Forge port.




Mod compatibility for :


2.1 - Bewitchment, Biome Makeover, Blockus, Botania, Promenade, Spectrum, Tech Reborn, Wilder World

2.1.5 - Vanilla Enhanced & Simple Mango

2.2 - Better Azalea

2.3 - Twigs, The Wild Mod, Tokenable Decoration

2.4 - New Blockus 'Herringbone', Aether - Paradise Lost

3.01 - 1.19 support including new vanilla Mangrove
3.06 - Ecologics, Paradise Lost, Enriched

3.1 - Croptopia
3.1.5 - Epic Paladins





  • All textures have been compressed (without any negative impact) to keep the mod file size to an absolute minimum.
  • All textures are manually created using the the appropriate planks to ensure they look correct.
  • Fabric load conditions have been used to ensure your console is not full of errors when compatible mods are not installed.
  • It has also been used to stop any duplicate crafting tables appearing, for example : if Better Nether is installed the Warped & Crimson crafting tables are disabled.
  • Un-crafting for all variants back to vanilla has been included in case of any issues.
  • Vanilla crafting renamed to Oak and recoloured slightly to better fit the oak wood type.



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This mod is a 1.18 update of

done under MIT Licence.
Thanks to ConfusedGryphon (Vanilla Textures) & P3NG00 (Original mod)



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