One Twenty 1.20 Backport

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The Camel can be ridden by up to 2 players!

Currently Includes:
Chiseled Bookshelves (Fully functional)
A variaty of Bamboo and Bamboo Mosaic blocks (Including: Door, trapdoor, slabs, buttons, pressure plates, etc)
The Bamboo Raft (Only base version available)

Bamboo Signs (v0.8.2+)
The camel (v1.2.0+)
1.18.2 and 1.19.2 support.
This is the most complete backport currently available!


The camel eats cactus and can be bred with it; It can be ridden by up to two players.
You can find camels in desert villages, one per village.

Special Features from the bookshelf (Including some not mentioned at Minecraft Live!):

-Can carry up to 6 different books
--Right click with an empty hand to get the latest book deposited, right click with a book in hand to deposit a book
-It outputs comparator data
-Depending on how many books are inside the bookshelf it has a different level of enchanting bonus for the enchantment table (0.33 per book, when at 6 books it will give twice as much power than a regular bookshelf

The bookshelf in use: 

Chiseled Bookshelf Recipe (Any planks will work):


Bamboo Planks Recipe:


Bamboo Mosaic Recipe:


Bamboo Raft Recipe:



Bamboo Signs Recipe:

V0.5.0: Initial release with chiseled bookshelf
V0.5.5: Added sound feedback when placing books on the bookshelf (This change was made after the video was posted)
V0.6.0: Added a variaty of Bamboo based building blocks
V0.7.0: Added the Bamboo Door as well as a Bamboo Raft. Make Bamboo items work as fuels.


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