Hex Casting

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Hex Casting

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Banner, showing the name of the mod, a staff, some bookshelves, and some amethyst.

A mod for Forge and Fabric adding stack-based programmable spellcasting, inspired by Psi.

  • Cast Hexes on-the-fly without having to pre-compile them by drawing patterns on a hexagonal grid
  • Craft items that can cast Hexes and give them to your friends
  • Uncover ancient lore
  • Descend into madness
  • Do unspeakable things to the sentient life clinging to the barren world

> this feels like the whole "almost die from overcasting for enlightenment" thing but in real life
-- Matt6049

Getting Started

Read your journal! You should spawn with it. That's your guide to the mod. Everything you need to know should be unlocked in there over time.


Take a look a this amazing Imgur album by stevebutnottoomanypeoplehaveit


This mod requires PAUCAL. On Forge, it also requires Patchouli and Kotlin for Forge, and on Fabric it also requires Patchouli Fabric, Fabric Language Kotlin, Cardinal Components, and Cloth Config.

And yes, you can put it in your modpack, or stream/make videos of it! (Without needing to ask! Although if you're making a series featuring Hexcasting I would like to know 🙂)


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