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Pyromancer is a mod aimed to improve Minecraft battles with fire-related items. It also adds a new content to the Nether.

Main version now is 1.6.0

Mod guide:


Pyrowood - charred tree with unburning wood that dissolves in water. It has glowing red leaves and can be up to fifteen blocks tall. It grows in deserts and mesas, but besides that, you can find giant pyrowood trees growing from ceiling in Nether Wastes biome. Pyrowood comes with all the blocks like planks, stairs, fences and so on. But the main use for pyrowood is crafting Pyromancer's Table.

Pyrowood saplings can be placed on sand and fertilized with bone meal to grow a pyrowood tree, make sure it has plenty of space above.


Maces - heavy weapons with characteristics between swords and axes that have special enchantments providing unique battle style.
Slingshot - ranged item with short range. It can be crafted with crimson wood and hoglin's hide, so you can get it right after you visited Crimson forest. Shoot range depends on player's speed. To charge slingshot, Shift+Right click, to fire - Right click. Slingshot use several items as ammo and every item has it own effect on enemy hit (place these items in second hand to shoot):
Slime Ball - has high knockback, slows enemy down and deals almost no damage.
Magma Cream - ignites enemy and has a bit lower knockback than slime ball.
Flint - has higher damage and no knockback, armored enemies take more damage.
Pebbles - shoots a congestion of small stones with insane spread that almost useless on a big distance but very strong in close combat.
Brimstone - applies Brimflame debuff that prevents enemy for extinguishing and makes fire deals more damage.

Hogwhip - weapon that can be crafted using hoglins' hide and some netherite shards. The main feature of hogwhip is moving attacked mobs near to you. Hogwhip also scares hoglins.
Firelink - sword crafted with netherite ingots and nitropowder. Burns arrows in a small radius on swing. Right-click on a campfire to remember it, and then shift-right click to teleport to it.
Bombsacks - explosive throwable weapons created from nitropowder and hoglin hide. Bombsack does not breaks blocks, but has some variations:
Scatter bombsack - destroys blocks in a small radius, increased damage.
Napalm bombsack - sets block and mobs on fire in a meduim range.
Vaporizer - flamethrower-like weapon crafted from sporecore and netherite ingots. It can be loaded with ammo by Shift-Right click and fired by Right click. Vaporizer accepts these types of ammo:
Drops of Mercury - shoots red toxic vapors that deal damage and apply wither effect on enemy.
Blaze powder - shoots stream of fire that ignites enemies.
Dragon's Breath - jet of end acid that deals extreme damage.
Ghast's Tear - stream of white healing gas that applies regeneration effect.

Blazing Journal:

Blazing Journal is an alternative for shields, providing buffs to weapons in the main hand. Journal must be enchanted in order to work, each enchantment enhances certain weapon, list of enchantments is below. Blazing Journal must be charged with blaze powder on Pyromancer's table in order to work.
Quills are accesories for Blazing Journal, they can be placed into quill slot and provide some effects while also affecting Journal's charge consumption. List of quills and their bonuses:
Blazing Quill - default quill, has no effects, neither upsides or downsides.
Fungus Quill - attacks summon fungi spores that slows enemy down. +1 charge cost, craftable.
Nomad Quill - attacks slightly replenish hunger. +1 charge cost, rarely drops from wandering traders.
Membrane Quill - attacks are stronger at night. When daytime or not in Overworld, +10 charge consumption, craftable.
Smoldering Twig - attacks summon pyroroots that poison and slow down enemies. +2 charge cost, drops from Unburned.


-Blazing Journal-
Blazing Wounds (axes) - attacks on ignited enemies make them burst with lava, dealing extra damage.
Yatagarasu (swords) - attacks teleport you behind your enemy.
Infernal Harvest (hoes) - attacks ignite enemies in a large area.
Undertaker (shovels) - attacks may stun enemy.
Scalding Spikes (maces) - attacks create fire streams out of enemy.
Volcanic Mark (slingshot) - projectiles mark enemies, melee critical strikes on marked enemy deal more damage and ignite.

Ashen Pages - curse enchantment. Makes Journal's manual charging on pyromancer's table impossible, but slowly regenerates blaze charges.

Sturdiness - deals more damage to armored enemies (more armor - more damage, max damage capped at 5).
Two-handed - increased damage if offhand is empty, chance of stunning an enemy.
Rush - increases damage if you are moving faster than attacked enemy.
Breakthrough - attacks put shields on cooldown.

-Diary of a Spartan-
Impact - attacks on ignited enemies with polearm weapons (like spears, pikes etc.) on high speed make them explode with lava.
Exotermic Collision - attacks on ignited enemies with heavy weapons (like warhammers, greatswords etc.) throws explosions on nearby enemies.
Sizzling Blade - critical strikes on ignited enemies with bladed weapons prolong fire effect and give wither effect.
Greek Fire - attacks with blunt weapons (hammers, clubs etc.) covers nearby enemies with oil and igniting them will make them take fire damage even in water.
Agony Sharing - mobs that died from attack with bladed or heavy weapon ignites nearby enemies.

Lightspeed - attacks are almost instand, but damage is lowered.
Tamer - stuns nearby hoglins instead of scaring them.
Hook - you are moved towards struck enemy.

Resilience - projectiles have higher shot range.
Goliath Slayer - projectiles deals more damage to bigger enemies.
Legerdemain - projectiles have a chance to spawn their copy.

Pigmen Legion:

---Pigmen Legion---
Army of truly ancient race (at least 10 versions!), now devolved into uncivilised piglins, returned for rampage! Pigmen Legion is an event available right after Wither has been defeated. It can be summoned by building a Nether Reactor ( with a beacon instead of core and right-clicking on beacon with Core Shard that drops from Wither. During event, different pigmen will appear around reactor. Invasion can be ended either by killing 60 pigmen or right-clicking the Core Shard (this has a cooldown).


Pigman Breaker - fast and furious warrior wielding 2 netherite axes at one time! It jumps on it's target, leaving slow or unarmored players no chance. It's role in an event is to rush player towards heavier enemies and dealing fair damage.
Pigman Chief - great warrior with heavy mace to overcome target's defence. It approaches it's target, fearsome and resolute. Due to it's big authority among pigmen, it's rage causes other forces to perform deadlier attacks. It's role to deal massive damage to player and support Pigmen Breakers.
Pigman Protector - well-armored unit equipped with 4 shields. Slow and not so dangerous in attack, Protector serves as a tank for absorbing a lot of damage. When it is nearby, Pigmen Breakers and Chiefs won't be so aggressive, but Pygromancers will feel themselves safe and will focus on attacks.
Pygromancer - mage incinerating it's enemies with fire of Nether. It can be considered as a heart of the Legion due to it's role in protecting other warriors from players and golems: iron golems melts as it approaches and snow golems just evaporates on it's sight. However, pillagers and it's target too, especially evokers. (I guess it is some kind of rivalry between those two.) The most common attack of Pygromancer is shooting fireballs to target, but besides it, far more dangerious stuff can be done.
Borov - ancestor of hoglin, even angrier and tougher, it rushes it's way through dimensions enemies with his body covered in netherite and blackstone armor. Due to it's massive body, colossal weight and high speed, it is the most dangerious subjest of Pigmen Legion. But when it doesn't rush in, it serves as a good mount for Pigmen Vexillaries, making them harder to kill.
Pigmen Vexilarry - pigmen with a banner, proclaiming power of the Legion. Pigmen Vexillaries are not so dangerious but for sure the most annoying pigmen that buffs other warriors around him.


Unburned - final boss of the Pyromancer mod. Leader of the pyroents tribe, trapped in the overworld after the war in the Nether. Unburned can be summoned by right-clicking the desert sand with a fractal cucumber - strange vegetable found in warped forests.

Unburned chases player and attacks in melee, performing dashes from time to time. He can jump to create a powerful shockwave upon landing (this attack counters if you time your jump right when Unbruned lands, so in the moment he touches the grorund, you are in the air) and summon scorching souls chase the player and explode on contact. Upon losing 50% health, Unburned's second phase begins. He emits fire particles, and all attacks are faster. Jump attack now destroys blocks and sets everything on fire in a large radius. Unburned gains new attack - summoning pyronadoes that suck the player in and incinerate.

Upon defeat, Unburned drops 16 molten pyrowood, smoldering twig and a broken evil blade.



Cinnabar - ore found in Nether Wastes biome. Rarely exposed to air, lays mostly 3-4 blocks below the surface and emits red vapors that go through blocks. Cinnabar ore drops cinnabar chunks that can be smelted into mercury drops, useful material. Mercury items: Thermometer that changes it's sprite based on temperature of the biome you are in. Bottle of Vapors - throwable weapon, releases a cloud of toxic vapor on impact which inflict Wither effect on mobs. Hogtrap - trap block, on contact destroys itself and applies Slowness, Blindness and Wither to mob that has stepped on it. Using blue ice block and 8 mercury drops, you can craft Frozen Mercury block that has half of ice block's slippery. This block can polished or crafted with stone bricks to make mercury bricks and all their variations like slabs, walls, stairs, chiselled and cracked bricks.

Brimstone - ore that generates in basalt in Basalt Deltas biome. When stepped on or breaked it inflicts Brimflame effect, increasing damage taken from fire, making fire lasts longer and damaging player when in water. Brimstone ore can be smelted into brimstone. for now it's only use as an ammo for slingshot, applying brimflame debuff on hitted mobs. Nitropowder is a highly explosive material made from brimstone, gunpowder and ghast tears. When right-clicked on a block, it created a powerful explosion. Nitropowder is used to craft a Firelink sword - it burns nearby arrows on swing and can teleport you to set campfire. Right click on a campfire to remember it, then Shift+Right click to teleport to it. Brimstone can be crafted with nether brick blocks to make brimstone bricks, a yellow variant of nether brick blocks.

Netherite shard - item that rarely drops from pigmen in the Pigmen Legion event. Can be used to upgrade netherite scrap into netherite ingot on a smithing table.

Molten pyrowood - material that drops from Unburned. Used to craft endgame weapons and armor.



Maradeur's armor - crafted from hoglin hide. Has low durability, suffers from fire, but has a small chance to deflect projectiles.

Netherite mask - crafted by combining netherite helmet with a netherite shard. Has less defence that netherite helmet, but in full netherite set prevents burning and reduces fire damage.

Pyromancer's armor - crafted from molten pyrowood that drops from Unburned. It has protection level of iron, but offers a variety of offensive bonuses.
Set bonus: 33% chance to not consume bombsacks, weapons with Fire Aspect inflict brimflame debuff, all artifacts' blaze cost is reduced by 1, taking more than 2,5 hearts (5hp) of daage in one hit summons friendly blazing soul.


Artifacts are magical fire weapons. To use them, put charged blazing journal in the offhand and the artifact in the main hand. Artifacts consume journal's charges as mana in order to work.

Sizzling Hand - launches explosive fireballs in a fast rate. Craftable from molten pyrowood.

Court of Embers - summons a pyronado that sucks enemies in. Craftable.

Call of Flames - continuously deals high damage to a single enemy. Craftable.

Lantern of the Blazing Souls - summons blazing souls around the player that home in on hostile mobs and explode on contact. 

Schizoid Helm - summons a schizoid helm that bounces on the ground and bites enemies. Explodes on death. Rarely drops from Hoglins.





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