The Ceilands

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Logo of the Ceilands

Note: This mod is a Work in Progress! A LOT will change.

Welcome to the Ceilands, a surreal new dimension of unusual proportions! What makes this dimension unusual is that while it has a bedrock ceiling, it has no bedrock floor to speak of.

To get to the Ceilands, you will need to craft yourself a Ceilands Portal Activator. The hint is given when you acquire an Echo Shard for the first time. The recipe is not finalized. The Ceilands Portal can be made in similar manner to Nether Portal and will accept the following blocks: Reinforced Deepslate, Polished Deepslate, Chiselled Deepslate, and Polished Ceilingneous.

As of right now, there are five biomes, those are the following: Snow Roof, Ocean Orbs, Luzawood Forest, Topsy Forest, and Inverted Peaks. There are also plans for custom mobs, new generation features, and arch bridges to make the dimension even weirder!

There are two new wood types: Ceiltrunk and Luzawood, both of the trees equally unique! Ceiltrunk, unlike other trees, can only be planted on the ceiling. Luzawood can be grown from the ground like vanilla trees. The new wood can be crafted into the same products you would find with any other vanilla wooden products.

Making up the bulk majority of the Ceilands near the ceiling is Ceilingneous, a blue-ish stone type that can be crafted into stone tools and furnaces as well as stairs, slabs, and walls. There are also polished and brick variants of the Ceilingneous.

Design Philosophy:

  • Fill a niche for a dimension with a bedrock configuration never used: Bedrock ceiling but no bedrock floor.
  • A mod revolved around whimsical and surreal adventures.
  • Maintain the vanilla aesthetics. The dimension as a whole should fit Minecraft aesthetics.
  • Keep the mod simple yet exciting.
  • Explore some niches not used in vanilla minecraft such as new colours of wood type.


  • Five biomes, each with their distinct features.
  • Interesting structures to explore and loot.
  • Exotic world generation used in the Ceilands.
  • Four advancements at the moment.
  • Support for several mods!

Mod Support:

To Do:

  • Polish existing biomes.
  • Custom mobs and even bosses.
  • More interesting chest loot tables.
  • More advancements. A total in at least ten advancements are planned by 1.0.
  • Backport to 1.18.2.
  • Support for Quark.