Enlightened End

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"Giving the End the update it deserves" 



The goal of this mod is to update the End dimension, and make it more diverse and live-able. While adding new biomes, mobs, crops, minerals, and blocks with unique features.

Biomes 🌿

New Biomes have been added to spice up the End Islands, such as the Seldge Forest, Verdant Jungle, and the Enderneath. The Seldge Forest is a strange, purple biome, with odd looking trees. It is home to the Ringling and Flarebug, which are 2 new mobs for this biome. The Verdant Jungle is a crude, overgrown, and damp biome. It consists of large trees and plenty of foliage. Visopods inhabit the Jungle. The final biome ; the Enderneath, is a biome hidden from time. Its made of giant budding lilies and radioactive material, with strange creatures such as the Radjelly and Stalker living within the biome.
Materials 📦

Materials such as Malachite and Adamantite have been added. Malachite is a toxic new building material used for quite a few things. Adamantite is an incredibly tough material that is used to upgrade diamond gear, with its stats being comparable to Netherite.



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- Developers-

MuffinsQW - Mod Creator

Thanks to AidanVEnki#3308 for helping playtest

Thanks to Sanguine Caesar#1845 for helping playtest
Thanks to SCarlos Tecnodico#2031 for helping playtest
Thanks to RedBall#5631 for helping playtest
Thanks to Naps the Block for letting me use the Tall Music Disc

 Thanks to Boulevard :) for the mod name suggestion

 Made possible using MCreator


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