HiveCraft Tech

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Let's do it AGAIN! My personal selected creation: A lightweight and server friendly, technology modpack without repeated, useless or "justdownloadandputinside" mods. Try it and comment below!




 Why do you say it is lightweight?

- Because i test all the mods. This way I make sure that there are no content that do the same or mods that add the same. So, I select which one is better.

Do you need a great IQ to play this pack?

- No, with JEI and in-game manuals you are fine, there's no programming skills like ComputerCraft or other extremely IQ mods.

Is magic over there?

- Some. I'm not a big fan of magic-themed mods but i know that's really fun to mix and create cool stuff with. Check modlist.

Is my PC good enough?

- Probably YES, i'm focus to a limit RAM usage of 4GB.

Can I run HiveCraft on a SERVER?

- Well YES, i've created this modpack to play multiplayer with my friends! But, this modpack is the CLIENT pack (same as server pack) but i'll add some server-side plugins in a part (Morpheus, SimpleAuth, Discord integration, for example.)

I think you can add... something

- Cool! I like to interact with you! If there's something new, feel free to comment below or contact me!

Can I play it somewhere?

- YES, here's the ip: hiveland.modded.fun -- Currently offline --










I'm proudly happy to announce that this modpack is partnered with BisectHosting! Check it out here and grab a discount with my promo code: MIKELINN