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Who doesn't like finding loot? It is always fun to find free stuff!


Treasure2! adds to the thrill of discovery in Minecraft. This mod adds various new and rare chests of treasure to be discovered. The chests are secured by an assortment of locks and can only be unlocked by finding the corresponding keys.


Treasure2! is the successor to my SGS Treasure! mod, which was for mc1.7.x.  It is not, however, a direct port to mc1.12.x. New and different features have been added while other features have been removed.





⚠️ Requirements / Dependencies



Loot Packs and Addons

Official Loot Packs, made by gottsch: 

Treasure2: Mo'Creature Loot Pack  - A DrZharks Mo'Creatures addon, adding items into Treasure2 chests.

Treasure2: Wizardry Loot Pack  - A Electroblob's Wizardry addon, adding items into Treasure2 chests.

Treasure2: Twilight Forest Loot Pack - A Twilight Forest addon, adding items into Treasure2 chests.






Chests of various shapes and sizes can be discovered. Each chest having a different rarity which determines the likelihood of it being generated and the quality of its treasure. Each chest can have a varying number of locks that will require the appropriate key(s) to open.


Currently implemented chests are: 

  • Wood Chest (Common),
  • Crate (Uncommon),
  • Moldy Crate (Common),
  • Ironbound Chest (Uncommon),
  • Pirate Chest (Scarce),
  • Iron Strongbox (Scarce),
  • Wither Chest (Scarce),
  • Gold Strongbox (Rare),
  • Safe (Rare),
  • Dread Pirate Chest (Epic)
  • Compressor Chest (Epic)
  • Skull Chest (Scarce)
  • Gold Skull Chest (Rare)
  • Cauldron Chest (Epic)
  • Spider Chest (Rare)
  • Viking Chest (Uncommon)
  • Cardboard Box (Common)
  • Milk Crate (Common)
  • Crystal Skull (Epic)


Chests can be discovered in Graveyards or below the graveyard in treasure Pits (think Oak Island). 


🔑 Locks and Keys

NOTE: Hold the Shift key (crouch) while using a key or a lock on a chest in order to use it.

There are a variety of locks and corresponding keys that can be used to secure and unlock chests.  These also have a rarity that determines the likelihood that they will be found.


Standard Lock/Keys:

  • Wood (Common),
  • Stone (Common), 
  • Leaf (Uncommon),
  • Ember (Scarce),
  • Iron (Uncommon),
  • Gold (Scarce),
  • Diamond (Rare),
  • Emerald (Rare),
  • Ruby (Epic),
  • Sapphire( Epic),
  • Spider (Scarce),
  • Wither (Scarce),


Special Lock/Keys:

  • Pilferer's Lock Pick (unlocks all common and uncommon),
  • Thief's Lock Pick (unlocks all common, uncommon, and scarce),
  • Lightning Key (unlocks all elemental locks),
  • Skeleton Key (unlocks everything but epic. small limited uses),
  • Metallurgist's Key (unlocks all metal locks),
  • Jeweled Key (unlocks all jewel locks)

 with more to come.


Key Ring

This mod introduces a lot of key items, which will take up a lot of your inventory space. Enter the Key Ring. It is an item that has an inventory to hold all your keys (and only taking up one slot).  As well you can use a Key Ring on a lock and it will attempt to find and use the correct key from its inventory to open the lock.  Key Rings will be a craftable item.



You can't have a good chest mod without a Mimic! So be wary, some of those chests may be more than you bargain for.


Current Mobs:

  • Wood Chest Mimic
  • Pirate Chest Mimic


Coins and Wishing Wells

Chests may contain silver and gold coins. You can toss the coins into a Wishing Well to receive random treasure!



Fog behaves similarly to leaves. To enable it to decay naturally you have to destroy the nearby gravestones or the Wither Tree Soul logs. Fog will then slowly decay to a "smaller" block until they disappear. To speed up the decay, you can place torches near the fog.



What would a treasure mod be without collectible treasure? So far there are only the chests themselves, the Skull Sword and the Eye Patch. I would like to add some unique items that only appear once per world.


Current Collectibles:

  • Skull Sword
  • Eye Patch
  • Block Collection by o2xygeno

Shoot me a message if you have an idea that you would like to see as a collectible item.


Loot Tables

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Treasure Tool                Pilferer's Lock Pick             Thief's Lock Pick


[iron ingot, stick, stone]  [iron nugget, treasure tool]   [iron ingot, treasure tool]

Key Ring Recipe                Spider Key Recipe

         Spider Key Recipe

[wood, stone,                   [iron key, treasure tool,

or iron key, iron ingot]     glowstone dust, spider eye]





Visit to contribute, view dev updates or report issues.


I am inviting modelers to contribute new and interesting chest designs. They don't need to be the vanilla chest shape or size. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind as I do need to be able to add locks in a standardized way. More on that later...


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