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The Allegorical Build, a Forge-based modpack by Concordia University's TAG Minecraft Bloc, originated as an experiment in using a modded Minecraft server as a university classroom and experiential laboratory. Through gameplay juxtaposed with course readings, students explore allegorical relationships between modernity and Minecraft.

Because the latest versions of this modpack have introduced substantial changes, we have separated the prior version into its own project, The Allegorical Build: Classic Edition.


Core Design

We attempt to strike a balance between...
1. A feature-rich environment in which players can explore multiple progression systems and approach tasks in multiple ways.
2. Keeping the pack as light-weight as possible so that it can run on the less-powerful hardware that many students have.

The pack was originally used, and intended, for players ranging from experienced Minecraft veterans to total newbies - including people who are not habitual gamers and do not possess high-end gaming computers. Additionally, mods were chosen to make things interesting enough for experienced players without completely overwhelming the newcomers.

Four mods featuring complex progression systems, automation, and high-power end-game production options, form the backbone of The Allegorical Build:


We add Pollution of the Realms and the related Advanced Chimneys mods to the mix. However, the pollution is heavily nerfed if you use the configs that ship with the modpack. Many emitters are scaled back or turned off entirely. Only high-powered industrial (or, in some cases, arcane) machines, plus a few oddball things like livestock and player death, produce emissions. The effects of accumulated pollution are unchanged.


QoL - GUI enhancements


QoL - In-game tweaks

  • Deadly End Phantoms - because the normal insomnia mechanic was too disruptive for the class, but we wanted membranes to be available
  • Corpse - making death a bit less punishing
  • Save Your Pets - because players were reluctant to use pets at all since they died too easily
  • Fast Leaf Decay


Administrator Tools

  • Block Swap - An easy, painless way to avoid having two different types of copper ore!
  • WorldEdit