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Moloch's Gauntlet: Escape to Modernity is a three-player cooperative escape room adventure where communication is key. Players must venture through a series of brain-teasing puzzle rooms, confoundingly kaleidoscopic corridors, and assemblages allegorical to the madness of modernity. Originally created by the Student Cabal for ENGL398B Videogames and/as Theory: Minecraft and Modernity at Concordia University and integrated into the class server as a means to encourage cross-team collaboration, the project is now a playable standalone experience.

Blocks, items, and contraptions in this map require the associated Moloch's Gauntlet modpack in order to work.

Instructions for Players:

Instructions for Host:

  • Follow the instructions on the modpack page to install the modpack for either local network dedicated server hosting.
  • To host the map in a LAN game, download the map file, extract the zipped "mgauntlet" folder, and drop it in your Minecraft instance folder. Then launch Minecraft and select the map from the single-player menu. Once in-game, you can use the ESC menu to "Open to LAN."
  • To host the map on a dedicated server, put the "mgauntlet" folder in your server's main directory, and edit server.properties "worldname" to point to "mgauntlet".


Moloch's Gauntlet: Escape to Modernity is a production of the TAG Minecraft Bloc, with support from Concordia University's Technoculture, Art, & Games (TAG) Research Centre and the Lab for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (LITL).

This project is (C) 2021-2022 TAG Minecraft Bloc; distributed and licensed for re-use under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license.