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Implementing ivan133ru 's mod suggestion!


Oh no, you spent three days getting Polly and now it's flow into your pick axe and you hit it.   Meanwhile zombies just overwhelmed Alfie your pet dog, who was protecting your back.  You've had him since you started playing over a month ago.  If only there was some way to save them...

And now there is with Save Your Pets!


Instead of dying, when one of your pets or tamed animals is mortally wounded, they will fall down wounded.

Then, you have a day to save your pet's life with pet bandages or golden bandages!

And you can open their inventory while they are down wounded.


Bandages come in two varieties.

Ordinary bandages are made from wool and paper.  They will restore your pet to minimal health.  Then you need to heal them by their normal methods.

Golden bandages are a bandage surrounded by gold nuggets.  They will restore your pet to minimal health and give them regeneration for a while.  


Also, You'll be recognized as a Pet Savior and then as a Pet Doctor as you save more and more of your pets.

Reasonable Default Values 

Save your pets comes with reasonable default values and you can simply drop it into your single player game.

It will tell you where your pet fell.  Your pet has a game day before they die, unless someone gives it a bandage or poisonous potato (quick death - good for PvP or completing a quest/advancement - depending on the quest/advancement it might have to be in the off hand if something needs to be in the main hand).  Golden Bandages regenerate them for 20 seconds.


And if you want, you can adjust any of the settings.

Configuration (is found in the config folder and is called syp-common.toml)

Setting            Default      Explanation

Show Location    : True         Prints a message with the location of your wounded pet when it falls.

Death Timer      : 24000        By default, The pet will die after one minecraft day.

Heal Time        : 20 seconds   By default, The pet will regenerate for 20 seconds.

Autoheal         : False        The pet will recover and heal to 1hp when the death time runs out instead of dying.

UseWorldTicks    : False        Use world ticks (can be unloaded) otherwise chunk ticks (loaded)


Planned Additional Features

Maybe some kind of ongoing bonus for Pet Doctor.  Possibly nearby pets heal every morning when you have this advancement.


Patron Support 

This mod currently has no supporters.  Two basic supporters or one midlevel supporter will open this up on alternative mod loaders.   We'll give you credit as the mod supporter/supporters right here!

We really appreciate the support of our patrons!


Bisect offers a hosting discount to Two Guys followers


You can join us on our Discord Server at the link below.

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