Moloch's Gauntlet: Essential Mods

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This modpack contains mods required for Moloch's Gauntlet: Escape to Modernity, a custom escape-room map.

Moloch's Gauntlet is a three-player cooperative escape room adventure where communication is key. Players must venture through a series of brain-teasing puzzle rooms, confoundingly kaleidoscopic corridors, and assemblages allegorical to the madness of modernity. Originally created by the Student Cabal for ENGL398B Videogames and/as Theory: Minecraft and Modernity at Concordia University and integrated into the class server as a means to encourage cross-team collaboration, the project is now a playable standalone experience.

You will need to download and install this modpack in order to play the map.
This project page is for the modpack, not the map. You can download the map from its own project page.
This modpack is a heavily-reduced version of The Allegorical Build.

Installation Instructions


  • It is highly recommended to use a third-party launcher such as MultiMC, ATLauncher, or the CurseForge Client to automate modpack installation.
  • In all three of those programs, you can add a "New Instance" or "New Pack" - use the interface to search for "Moloch's Gauntlet" under CurseForge packs, and follow the prompts to install.
  • Alternatively, download the modpack zip file from this page, and use your launcher's "Import From Zip" function.
  • If someone else is hosting the game on their server, you do not need to download the map. You will need their server address to access it through the Multiplayer menu.


  • If you're hosting the game on a local network, install the modpack on your client as per the instructions above. Then you can use the "Open to LAN" function from the in-game menu to allow players to connect.
  • If you're hosting the game on a dedicated server, you'll need to set up your own server instance for Minecraft 1.16.5 with Forge 36.2.0, either on your own machine or through a hosting service.
  • To install the modpack on your server, find your single-player instance's Minecraft directory (usually easily accessed via the MultiMC/ATLauncher/CurseForge Client interface), and copy the entire mods folder into your server directory.
  • You will also need to download and install the map itself.


License Note: The modpack, Moloch's Gauntlet: Essential Mods, is distributed under an MIT License. Individual mods are the property of their own authors and are subject to their own licensing terms. This modpack's license does not supersede the license terms of any subcomponents. The map itself is provided under CC-BY-SA license (see its project page for details).