Life in the village 2

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Modpack is continuation of my previous pack Life in the village but for newer versions of Minecraft.

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This pack is based around town-building mod - Minecolonies and it can be casual or challenging as you want it to be. Build your own thriving town, impregnable fortress, nordic settlement or even small fishing village. On other hand it's so called Vanilla+ modpack that will enhance your 'close-to-vanilla' gameplay and add some new features(like new NPCs that will work for you, new terrain features, mineshafts, decorations(see features list for details)) to explore and interact with, so you wont be overwhelmed with a lot of new and unusual stuff.
Minecolonies will allow you to create your own colony where citizens will obey your will. Mainly, they will build, gather resources, upgrade their buildings and all of that under your control. You will plan and command their moves.


While maintaining vanilla minecraft gameplay this modpack still offers variety of new features to explore:

πŸ› οΈCreate

  • Choose your build style from many different options in Minecolonies mod;
  • Add some immersive lights! Varying from simple candles and lanterns to hanging lights and lamps; [pic]
  • Immersive windows, roofs, gutters and even bridges for all your realistic buildings; 
  • New furniture: wardrobes, nightstands, tables, bookshelves, cupboards; [pic]
  • Storage drawers provide functionality and good looking storage blocks;
  • New building materials from Quark: limestone, slate, jasper, midori, biotite, colored wood;
  • New chests for every type of material. Collect them all!
  • New beehives for new wood types.


  • Create your own colony with Minecolonies mod. Manage many NPC workers, ranging from Builders, Crafters and Farmers, to Guards, Enchanters, and Alchemists. Build university to advance even further. The mod provides the ability to create a unique Colony with many many inhabitants and a lot of building styles. With very simple planning tool you can preview and plan every building, roads and decorations before your citizens will build it.
  • Get a pet or a mighty helper with Doggy talents mod. Dog leveling system with 19 unique talents and new AI.
  • sort and organize your storage with Simple Storage Network mod.

βš™οΈ Process

  • Utilize new crafting materials: emerald and flint; [pic]
  • Better fishing with over 30 new fish to catch. New rods which allows you to equip hooks & bait for additional functionality. Customized fishing Line & bobbers are also available to make your fishing rod truly unique; [pic]
  • Deep and rich food and farming system with Farmer's Delight and Pam's Harvestcraft mods;
  • Bees are now more productive! They will provide you with resources - from coal to diamonds!; [pic]
  • New crops and trees.
  • Chicken nests will make collecting eggs easier

πŸ—ΊοΈ Explore

βž• and even more:

  • Quests that will show you some aspects of the game; [pic]
  • Veinminer for easier resource gathering; (FTB Ultimine mod)
  • Various improvements and tweaks to vanilla gameplay.




World & exploration:
MineColonies (by H3lay)
Upgrade Aquatic (by minecraftabnormals)
Aquaculture 2 (by Shadowclaimer)
YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Forge) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
Doggy Talents (by percivalalb)
Charm (by svenhjol)
Buzzier Bees (by bageldotjpg)
The Endergetic Expansion (by endergized)
Quark Oddities (by Vazkii)
Strange (by svenhjol)
Quark (by Vazkii)
Project: Vibrant Journeys (by solis_nova123)
Enhanced Mushrooms (by Ep1c312)
Better Animals Plus (by cybercat5555)
Pickle Tweaks (by BlakeBr0)
Charmonium (by svenhjol)
GraveStone Mod (by henkelmax)
Comforts (by TheIllusiveC4)
TrashSlot (by BlayTheNinth)
Technology & Automation:
Productive Bees (by LobsterJonn)
Incubation (by martianarchitecture)
Extra Boats (by martianarchitecture)
Storage Drawers (by Texelsaur)
Decoration & building:
Fairy Lights (by pau101)
Macaw's Bridges (by sketch_macaw)
Macaw's Furniture (by sketch_macaw)
Bamboo Blocks (by bageldotjpg)
Uppers (by vadis365)
Macaw's Windows (by sketch_macaw)
Extended Lights (by Polyvalord)
Macaw's Roofs (by sketch_macaw)
Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core (by pamharvestcraft)
Spice of Life: Carrot Edition (by lordcazsius)
Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Crops (by pamharvestcraft)
Utility and QOL:
ReAuth (by TechnicianLP)
Better Advancements (by way2muchnoise)
Cosmetic Armor Reworked (by LainMI)
Just Enough Resources (JER) (by way2muchnoise)
Item Filters (by LatvianModder)
FTB Quests (by LatvianModder)
PackMenu (by Shadows_of_Fire)
Unity: Dark Edition (by theCyanideX)
JourneyMap (by techbrew)
Mouse Tweaks (by YaLTeR)
Unity: Extras (by theCyanideX)
The One Probe (by McJty)
Light Overlay (Rift/Forge/Fabric) (by shedaniel)
Starter Kit (by Serilum)
Fast Leaf Decay (by olafskiii)
Mo's Improved Leaves and Foliage (by mo_shark)
Enchanted Book Redesign (by tfarecnim)
Controlling (by Jaredlll08)
RandomPatches (by TheRandomLabs)
JEI Enchantment Info (by Phylogeny)
Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)
Libraries and coremods:
Bookshelf (by DarkhaxDev)
FTB GUI Library (by LatvianModder)
Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)
AutoRegLib (by Vazkii)
Structurize (by H3lay)
Collective (by Serilum)
Cloth Config API (Forge) (by shedaniel)
Abnormals Core (by SmellyModder)
Libnonymous (by davenonymous)
Cucumber Library (by BlakeBr0)


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