Stalwart Dungeons

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Stalwart Dungeons is a mod created for the MCreaModRacing modding competition organized by BricoGeek and Doo89. This is a "boss and dungeon" type mod because it was the theme of the competition.
Here are the three dungeons. They are all generable using an item in the creative inventory.

I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅)  

Stalwart Dungeons adds two new dungeons to the nether, The Awful Dungeon (appears in the Soul Sand Valley and Warped Forest biomes) and The Keeping Castle (appears in the Nether Wastes and Crimson Forest biomes). It also adds a dungeon in the End (appears in the Void and Midlands biomes)


There are several hammers in our mod: wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond and tungsten. Hammers are useful in combat, can be enchanted to spawn lightning bolts (when you sneak and hit with the Hammer)

In the Awful Dungeons you can find a great local wildlife! You can find Incomplete Withers, wither skeleton having spent a large part of their life on Soul Sand and which infused them with their powers, they have more chance to drop Wither Skeleton skull. You can also meet Reinforced Blaze, Blazes who decided to equip themselves initially with Basalt which melted and created an alloy with their skin and made them very resistant but rather slow. This dungeon traps a boss from sordid experiments, the Awful Ghast. By releasing it with a Nether Star on its Altar, it has two combat phases. Firstly, it will attack you from a distance with projectiles that will make your items in hand temporarily useless and burn you. In a second time, it will dash on you and deal you very big damage. Once killed, it will drop Awful Crystals and an Awful Gun

In this structure, you can find a new ore, Tungsten. This resource can be used to make tools and armor that will protect you from the Wither and Burn effects. The Igniter are traps that burn entities that pass over them and give them a Burn effect that randomly inflicts fire damage

These are not the only traps found in this dungeon. The Pusher are blocks that push the entities present on the upper surface. This includes mobs and items, so you can use it to transport items over a long distance or to create automated farms in the nether (where water cannot be placed)

In the Keeping Castle, the environment is quite sterile and there are few species able to survive. There are inanimate statues that can ignite when a player approaches and come to life as a Giddy Blaze. This dungeon contains a boss, the Nether Keeper. By releasing it with a Nether Star on its Altar, it will infect you with a spore effect if you get too close to it. It does a lot of damage and will summon allies when it reaches half its life. Once dead, he will drop an Ancient Fire, this item can be used to smelt item in offhand (when ancient fire right clicked in main hand) and to make the Nether Hammer (It melts ores that it mines).

This austere dungeon adds a new block, the Spore Vaporizer. It diffuses a cloud of spore in the air and can contaminate mobs that pass through it. These spores can be contained in glass bottle to be sent on other mobs. At the end of the effect of Spore, the mobs will be locked in a cocoon of Nether Wart. Tungsten armor can be infused with it to give the wearer an imunity to the Spore effect.

In this dungeon, the rooms are separated by a strange door made of Transient Blocks. These blocks can be activated manually or with redstone to disappear and reappear a few seconds later.

The End Dungeon welcomes one creature, the Propulk, a flying mutated shulker that looks like a drone and can throw Levitation projectile. This strutcure contains a boss, the Shelterer. By releasing it with a Nether Star on its Altar, it will be able to lock itself in an energetic shulker box which makes it invulnerable. The only way to damage the boss is via explosions (TNT, Bed or Shulker Cannon). Once dead, it will drop 4 Void Crystals.

In the dungeon, you can find several ways to do damage to the boss, like the Obsidian Striker (which allows you to send an explosion 9 blocks higher) and the Shulker Cannon (which allows you to send a tnt where the player is looking). To access the high zone of the structure, the Shruster allows the entity to propel them in the air.

In this structure, you can find a new ore, Chorundum. This resource can be used to make tools and armor that will protect you from the Levitation effects.

With Void Crystals, you can make Teleporter Block that can be used to save a position with the Teleporter Core, and if a Teleporter Core marked with a position is placed in its GUI, and a player shifts on the Teleporter Block, then it will be teleported to the coordinates marked in the Teleporter Core.


You can put Stalwart Dungeons in your modpack


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