Fuze's Relics

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The Fuze Relics mod is a mod that adds build-inspired additions from the FuzeIII community at an event. This mod adds 9 additions including creatures, gadgets that can help you on survival, or rather parody items. It also adds all the music of the YouTube player FuzeIII (and one of mine) as a record, so "péter vous bien les oreilles".

I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅) 






-Can be used to move/break blocks


Warning Tape and Traffic Cone:



Poop ice cream:

-Right click on an animal with an empty cone

-Gives poison


Ender Bee:

-Spawn in the end


-Can swab chorus flower to regenerate


Burger Boss:


-Destroys blocks around


Pulsion Chestplate:

-Recover damage

-Redistribute damage in a 6 block area when you click "G"

-Can absorb up to 40 damage


Buff Turtle:

-Attack players and penguins

-Give a sick knockback


Axolo Soap:

-Give an effect that allows you to slide on the floor and go faster

-If you go in the shower or in water, all the effects are clear (negative and positive)


Fuze Guitar:

-Throw music notes that damage mobs



-Blind players and enemies + burns


Boby the carnivorous plant:

-Love bonemeal


Water Gun:

-To fill it you must crouch down and right click on a block of water.
-Right click to send water
-Did more damage to the Blaze
-Turns off by aiming at feet
-Allows slips to grow


Water Scooter:

-Faster underwater when swimming with scooter in hand


-To connect the drone to the player you need to right-click with a controller on it
-Drone follows player’s vision
-With the right click of the joystick you can change the distance between the drone and the player (for example, to avoid obstacles)
-With the left click of the joystick we can activate the GrabMode which will attract all the entities that pass under drone and allow them to move (but the drone is quite weak so if we move them too brutally, the entity can unhook)


Care Package:

-Right click on the ground a target will land and a package will be dropped about 50 blocks high
-Once dropped, the package can be opened with an axe via right click and get loots to regen/feed


Coffee Machine:

-Can be filled with a bucket of water/emptied with a bucket, can be filled with an empty vial as a cup
-Coffee seeds are obtained by putting sweet berry on a campfire
-Once the water and cup bet, you can click right with the coffee seeds to start the process
-Coffee gives a Coffee effect that makes you shake and gives speed and haste


Enchantment Capacity Thief:

-Puts himself on the sword
-If we have glass bottle in the inventory and hit the following mobs, we get capacity bottle:
-Creeper = Blast Kinesis
-Zombie, Pigman = Sun Sensitive (Burning in the Sun unless wearing a helmet) and Strength
-Chicken = Egg Laying (1 egg/min) and Slow Falling
-Enderman = Phasing (teleportation dodge) and Hydrophobia (Damage when it rains/ is in the water)
-Cow = Milky (when you have a bucket in your hand, if you click G, it fills the bucket with milk)
-Slime = Bumper (Bounce) and Nausea
-Ocelot/Cat/Horse = Speed
-Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Strider... = Fire Resistance
-Fish = Water Breathing
-Penguin = Slide (allows you to run faster on the ice) and Dolphins Grace


Nether Portal Gun:

-Create a portal where you look
-When we cross the portal we land at the same coordinate as in the normal world but divide by 8 (so it’s quite dangerous), and the same for the reverse direction x8 when we go into just the nether



-Appears in Ice Spikes/Frozen Ocean biomes
-It hunts fish by swimming in the water and then feeding on it, it gives a Dolphins Grace effect in a 6 block area
-It slides and goes faster on the ice and loves the fish, can be reproduced with
-Loot penguin skin to make boots to run faster on ice


Giant Squid:

-Appears in deep water
-Breaks all submarines and boats around him
-When he is killed, he releases a Didier who was trapped in his belly because he had eaten it (Didier thanks us in the cat)


Lucky Didier:

-Entity that can be broken in 4 moves
-It has a chance to loot mod objects, spawn a mod entity (and Raptor 130) or give a vexing message



-Not affected by bubble columns
-Shift + Right-click allows access to storage, if the submarine is broken, the content is dropped on the ground
-See and Breathe Underwater
-20 and resists the projectile (including trident)

Grapplin Hook :

-Range of 50 blocks
-Can be enchanted with "Range" (up to level 3) which increases the reach of the grapple (25 blocks per level)
-Can be enchanted with "Velocity" (up to level 5) which increases the speed of the grapple (1 block/second per level)
-Enchantments are not obtensible on the enchantment table, but on books in dungeons or in village

Crocodile :

-Appears in tides (group of 4) in Swamp
-When hit, has a small chance of eating the item that is in the player’s hand
-Break players's boats

-Swim very fast in water
-If renamed "Carlos", it changes texture to display a Spongebob’s Squidward on its head
-Loot scales, former player boots, crocodile eggs
-Baby Crocodile (obtained by throwing crocodile eggs on the ground)
-Crocodile skin bag (craft with scales) that can hold 9 stacks of items

Didier Cannon :

-Appears in plains very rarely
-Not aggressive except when not punched
-If you break your cannon, it’s no longer aggressive
-The Didier can be tamed with flowers (or Blue Cords), he can climb on a cannon to attack the enemies
-We can get on the gun, we can send tnt if we have it in hand
-Is very slow


Bob the Musician:

-Appears when the player clicks right with a totem of immortality on a jukebox
-Tame with blue cords
-Passive and flees when hurted
-Once tamed, you can make it sit down (with a right click) then play it a note of music that change according to the block on which it is (with a shift + right click)
-Loot of records of the best known music of FuzeIII (Clash des Anti Fuze, Roulette Paladienne, Paladium Go, On m'appelle FuzeIII, Reine des neiges...)


-Appears in Birch Wood when it rains
-Likes mushrooms and grass (can mate)
-Passive and flees when hurted
-Applies bone powder effect from time to time around it
-Leaves a trail of mucus that can be recovered with a bucket
-If you place a hopper under the slug (not in the hoppers but on the edges otherwise it enters and the farm does not work, so tip: place an end rod or other object that blocks the center of the hitbox) allows to recover the mucus (25%)
-Mucus is used to make slime

Chunk Printer :

-Give a Structure Block

Spyglass on Crossbow

-Throw a spyglass (instead of zooming in as you might expect)


-A Piston that pushes in all directions except downward

-Very Glitchy


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