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Seeds adds waste management and gadgets  of all kinds. In Vanilla, we take it for habit to throw our useless objects, to leave objects lying on the ground without any attention, to use bonemeal for lack of patience on crops. From now on, this lack of attention will be punished by the appearance of 2 new creatures hostile to the player, Waste and Bad Grass are here to kill your mob farms and destroy your crops all under the pressure of an atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide that once in surplus can burn you alive (literally)! To counter these monsters, Seeds adds a way to fight against them thanks to an array of gadgets, tools, and blocks !

We're French and this mods was made using Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistake in English 😅) 

🏆The Sustainability Project ModJam Winners



The mod adds a new tool, the Crushing Stone which allows to recycle more efficiently your equipments ! This is used to crush metalic (iron, gold and chain) and leather equipments. After a while, you’ll want to recycle your diamond and netherite gears, so you can upgrade it by crafting a Crushing Obsidian.


You can make a whole set of flint tools ! It allows you to mine everything that you can mine with iron tools (diamond ore, gold ore, redstone ore...) but with stone tools durability. These tools have a small chance of cooking/smelting what the player breaks.



One of the 3 mechanics added by Seeds is that bonemeal now has a negative effect (can be disable with the badBonemeal gamerule), it has a probability of spawning a plant monster named Bad Grass which is aggressive towards the player. This weed will be attracted by your crops and destroy them (by consuming them). It spawns naturally on grass at night and loot "Sharp Leaf".


To deal with this problem, the mod adds Watering Cans that use bonemeal diluted in water (to refill your watering can you need a source of water, and then throw the bonemeal inside and finally right click with your watering can). It's used as classic bonemeal on crops and plants but without the negative effects attributed to it, and deals 10 damage to Blaze and Endermen if you sneak and right click under them. It's available in 3 versions, one in clay/copper (50 capacity), one in iron (100 capacity) and one in gold (150 capacity).


With the Sharp Leaf looted by the Bad Grass, you can create a complete set of tools. These tools have as specificity to be very efficient and light but with a low durability (like gold but much more exaggerated)


To protect you from Bad Grass, Seeds adds a familiar made of dirt and mud, the Mud Golem ! You can make one by laying a block of dirt and a carved pumpkin on top. It attacks Bad Grasses, Creepers and Wastes (perfect to protect your farms). This golem loots dirt and sometime (if you're lucky) a music disc named "Into The Jungle" made by Redwolf!



The second mechanical adds a "second life" to your items as you drop to the ground... As soon as the item disappears, the item will be transformed into Waste (can be disable with the generateWaste gamerule)! This monster attacks all animals (including you 😂) and will most of the time be in a groups (so don’t let your items hang on the ground). It appears only by this mechanism and loot Garbages.


Garbage can also be obtained by using a Trash! It acts like a composter, you right click with any items (be careful not to throw your precious objects) and it will fill your trash can and give you some Garbage (which can be stored as a block).


You can melt Garbages Blocks to make Stuff that contains vegetable, mineral and other materials. These raw materials allow you to make Repairer, which are big rings that repair the equipment in your hands and the armor you're wearing. There are 3 types, the Small Repairer (50 durability), the Medium Repairer (100 durability) and the Big Repairer (150 durability).
The third mechanism of the mod is the fact that the world now has an invisible carbon dioxide bar. It increases and decreases naturally to stabilize at 500, but it increases when you smelt your items in a furnace (it works with other types of furnace), when there is an explosion, when you intentionally release CO2 into the world... but decrease when a tree grows or when you yourself suck CO2 using a Vacuum Cleaner (Creatively, you can change the value of pollution with this command /increasepollution /decreasepollution)
If underneath there are all the gadgets add by Seeds, the Leaf Hook (which acts as a simple grapple with a range of 75, can be combined with flight in elytra to save fireworks), the Vacuum Cleaner (Attract items and entities in an area of 6x6x6 blocks and sucks CO2 from layer 100, and unlimited carbon dioxide in the nether) and a Carbon Dioxide Sensor (which allows you to see the value of pollution).
To store the CO2, you can use the Dioxide Carbon Tank (to transfer the carbon dioxide you need to hold your Tank in your second hand and your vacuum cleaner in the main hand, and then sneak + right click). But with a right click, you can eject the CO2 present inside in the form of dry snow that can extinguish the fire (you can also dye your tank with red dye) on the entities and blocks! This dry snow does not melt and can be collected with a shovel to make dry snowballs, blocks of dry snow and finally blocks of Dry Ice (which causes burns to the cold and is more slippery than the Blue Ice)
You can infuse dry snow in a brewing stand, in a bucket of water or a water bottle to make Sparkling Water. This special water once in a bucket can be placed and has the same properties as the bubble columns of soul sand but does not need to be a source. The Sparkling Water Bottle can be drunk but does not add food but increases the saturation bar (to facilitate the player’s digestion).


You can put your Sparkling Water Bottle in a brewing stand to make new potions, the Potion of Bounce (Gives a Bounce effect that makes the player bounce like a slime), the Potion of Air Calling (Gives an Air Call effect that attracts the player out of the water), and finally the Potion of Recovering (Gives a Bubble Recovery effect that allows to escape the void).


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