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Ender's Delight

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Ender's Delight is a Farmer's Delight addon that make you able to cook delicious dishes from the amazing resources you have found in the End, such as ender pearls or chorus fruits. Or, add Endermen or Shulkers meat to your recipes to create truly extraordinary meals. With this mod, you can push the boundaries of cooking in Minecraft and discover a new gastronomic dimension. Get ready to explore the unique flavors of the End, experiment with new recipes, and amaze your friends with your culinary skills

Discover new ingredients for your favorite dishes with the new drops from End creatures! Add some sparkle to your dishes with Ender Sight (unstable Endermen eyes that produce a blinding light). Or, add a unique texture with Shulker Mollusk (a slimy creature inside the tough shell of the Shulker). And if you want something crispy, try Mite Crust (crispy but pungent Endermite skin).






You can put Ender's Delight in your modpack !

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