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Dynamo does not add a weapon or an object but a new feature. This mod increases player attack damage with his kinetic energy. This mod is not 100% true to the kinetic energy formula (for balancing purposes) but can transform your game experience, it is no longer enough to attack with the most powerful weapon, but to be aware of its environment to do the most important damage (take height to fight and make dynamic attacks). When you run, fall or jump, your momentum will increase and allow you to do more damage.

I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅) 



For example, you can gain momentum from a big fall and deal more damages

A dynamic hit from a fall with hand (deals 4 damages)


A dynamic hit from a fall with a wooden sword (deals 10 damages)


A basic hit with a wooden sword (deals 4 damages)


A dynamic hit with a potion of Swiftness (deals 11 damages)


A dynamic hit from a cobblestone pillar (deals 11 damages)


A POWERFUL dynamic hit with elytra (deals over 20 damages) 122.2 km/h lul


A dynamic hit with elytra on a netherite armor p4 (deals over 7 damages)


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