Frosted Friends




The "Frosted Friends" mod adds refrigerated items! It also allows you to make your own snowman by hand, you just need a snow layer to start making one! You just have to roll it and then collect your pile of snow with a shovel, to finally pile them up! You can personalize your frosted friends with seeds, carrots and other accessories !

(install JEI to see all the recipes) 

I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅) 

The mod adds snow shovels that allow you to remove snow in a 3x3 area :


Pile of Snow, Heap of Snow and Mound of Snow :


Here's how to make your own snowman :


Here are the different snowman part :


Here are the different combination possibilities :


You can wear the snowman hats yourself :


 The fridge allows you to make ice and snow (with a right click) without going to a specific biome :

With the mod, when you break ice, you collect ice cubes :

You can make tools with packed ice cubes :


You can put this mod in your modpack. 


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