Sons Of Sins

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Sons of Sins is a mod based on the 7 deadly sins, especially the original sin. This mod considers that the original sin is to have taken oneself for God, wanting to create life by supernatural means, Necromancy. Harvesting souls, organs and blood to give life to a new form of life. But be careful, playing with occult energies involves many risks, one of which is called the "Wistiver" :)

The mod adds many magical relics to facilitate gameplay in exchange for a little Ether ash.  (install JEI to see all the recipes) 

I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English) 

Warning : The mod has many sounds that could be called disturbing, or creepy. No human or animal were injured during Sons of Sins sounds recording.

At night, you'll have the chance to meet a Betrayed Guzzler. This creature will drop you a Sickle and Flesh of Demise, which is a good start for the rest of the mod

During rituals, you will surely have the bad luck to meet one of these creatures (especialy if you like to swim in blood). You can summon them voluntarily by throwing and sacrifice between 1 and 7 villagers in blood. Each represents one of the seven deadly sins and each has a different behavior.

-Wistiver (Gluttony, his attack and health increases every time he kills, he is hungry for power, his hunger will never be sated)
-Walking Bed (Sloth, slow, but its attack will send you waltzing so that there is more time to rest)
-Prowler (Pride, it never lets go, its speed will leave you speechless, weak but lively, flu on the ripe and will know how to make a mouthful of you)
-Kelvin (Envy, being jealous of these friends, he made a cybernetic prosthesis, which unfortunately only slows him down compared to these brothers)
-Curse (Lust, he will avoid the maximum of physical attack, preferring to look at you with his gaze, far in the air, to contemplate only you)
-Blüd (Greed, never comes out of its puddle, but is the most robust of all creatures, it will stay safe throwing balls of clotted blood at you)
-Butcher (Warth, he doesn't want the same as these friends, he doesn't want to purify the world, he wants to avenge it)

Once killed, each sin creature drops a unique relic. The Wistiver's Jaws (Become stronger each stroke), the Puppet of Strife (it can use organ's capacities), the Hand of Riot (Make entities around target the enemy), the Ether Engine (Can corrupt the purest soul), the Cursed Head (Take ennemy's armor pieces off), the Touch of Greed (Make the ennemy go through the ground) and the Butcher Cleaver (Low is your health, stronger you will be)

The mod adds osseous tools that are easy to craft (Bones and strings). These tools recovers part of the soul of the mobs you kill in the form of Ether Ashes. You will get it in proportion to the life of the mob yo would kill

(Chicken: 1 Ash, Iron Golem: 10 Ashes, Wistiver: 86 Ashes)

 With iron and Ether Ashes, you can make an alloy called Soul Steel. This metal is used in many recipes of the mod. As such, it can be used to make extremely strong blocks that can withstand Wither’s fiercest attacks 

 The mod adds a new tool, the Sickle of Struggle. It allows you to spam click (against a little of your food) but also to collect blood in glass bottles. Blood can be mixed with ashes in a bucket to create a bucket of blood (that can heal you)

Flesh tools are bone tools that have been thrown into the blood. They have low durability but are very effective and very strong. And every 15 seconds, a flesh tool will self-heal its durability by consuming your food bar (like xp with mending)

With the sickle, you can get the organs of the enemies you killed (Flesh, muscles, ribs or hearts). Some mobs have different organs that have abilities from the mobs. You can eat organs to temporarily assimilate these abilities.

-Classic organs give an effect of "Allure" (attracts the attention of monsters to prevent your friends from being targeted)

-Creeper Ribs give an effect of "Last Breath" (causes an explosion if you die of another creature)

-Enderman Muscles give an "Instinct" effect (teleports you if you are attacked with a slight damage reduction)

-Blazing Heart gives an effect of "Boiling" (Rejects from time to time a cloud of steam that repels ignites entities around, if it rains or you are in the water, the cloud of steam remains around you)

-Golem Cuirass cannot be eaten (But gives an effect of Resistance II and you imunise to fall damage)

 With the fleshes and organs you have picked up, you can make a Flesh Carcass. Inside it, you can place the organs of your choice, an Ether Ash and a Bottle of Blood. Then the carcass can be dropped into a puddle of blood to give it life.

Once the ritual is over, a Gublèr will emerge from the fluid, and will take affection for the nearest player and adopt the abilities associated with the organs you gaved him

Depending on the blood you put into your Flesh Carcass, your little Gulbèr will adopt a different shape and abilities.
- A biped mob's bloods (Like Players, Villagers or Zombies) will make it faster and more resistant with a lot of health
- A winged mob's bloods (Like Bats or phantoms) will allow it to fly and bite ennemies to recover some hearts
- A water creature's bloods (Like Guardians, Dolphins or Fishes) will allow it to swim and avoid hurt cooldown to kill ennemies faster
- A wide and heavy mob's bloods (Like Ravagers or Hoglins) will make your friend an all-terrain mount that will crush the other creatures

 To convert Ashes Ether into usable energy, you need Crystallized Ether (obtained by dropping 16 Ashes Ether into a pool of blood). Many relics of the mods need Ether to work, you can store these ashes in an Urn (The spiral in the center indicates whether it's filled or not)

 The Ether Sword is a fairly light sword that allows to recover a part of the life of the enemy with each stroke (between 1 and 3 half heart).

 The Shape-Shifting Tool is a relic that changes shape depending on the block you are mining. Therefore, it can destroy any type of blocks (Stone, Sand, Wood, Clay...etc)

 Remnant’s armor is the most useful relic against the incarnations of the 7 deadly sins. It tankers the most brutal attacks from these creatures. It distributes the damage among the different armor pieces but it doesn’t make you invincible either :)

Compatibility with Nyfs Spider

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