Sons Of Sins

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Here is the Sons of Sins mod, this mod adds seven creatures that represent each of them, one of the seven capital sins, they are violent creatures thirsty for blood. To find or summon one of these creatures, just eat an Rotten Apple. These apples are found in structures resembling churches whose past would have liked never to be revealed. (install JEI to see all the recipes) 

I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English ๐Ÿ˜…) 


Warning : be careful if you use a headphone with too high a volume, some noise is strident or even disturbing



To make them appear you have to eat a Adam's Apple, and five minutes later, they will come and devour you. They are very dangerous, they do not like the innocence of animals. They are very dangerous, they do not want the good of the player. They destroy everything around them (this can be deactivated with the Sons Griefing gamerule)


-The Wistiver (Gluttony, his attack and health increases every time he kills, he is hungry for power, his hunger will never be sated)
Walking Bed (Sloth, slow, but its attack will send you waltzing so that there is more time to rest)
Prowler (Pride, it never lets go, its speed will leave you speechless, weak but lively, flu on the ripe and will know how to make a mouthful of you)
Iron Hit (Envy, being jealous of these friends, he made a cybernetic prosthesis, which unfortunately only slows him down compared to these brothers)
Curse (Lust, he will avoid the maximum of physical attack, preferring to look at you with his morbid gaze, far in the air, to contemplate only you)
Bloody Driver (Greed, never comes out of its puddle, but is the most robust of all creatures, it will stay safe throwing balls of clotted blood at you)
-The Creepy / Bloody Butcher (Warth, he doesn't want the same as these friends, he doesn't want to purify the world, he wants to avenge it)


They loot collectibles such as :


-Prowler's Hand allows you to push enemies, when you sneak, to pull the enemy towards you

-Bloody Puddle allows to give an effect of greed to the enemy which will push it into the ground until it suffocates

-Butcher Carcass allows you to have an effect of strength and resistance when you reach a quarter of his life

-Peaceful Bed allows to give an effect of laziness to the enemy which will slightly slow them down in these movements

-Wistiver Jaws allows you to have a regeneration effect when you hit an enemy, it sucks its energy (Wistiver Jaw Limit gamerule (default = 666))

-Iron Motor has no primary utility, it allows you to craft an Iron Oven, allowing any leather to be made faster, just don't try to put your hand in it...

-Cursed Head allows to undress the enemy of his armor and his weapon, useful to gain the upper hand


Creatures leave bloody bones when they die, with them you can make them a more powerful tool set against the Sons of Sins


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