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Caged Mobs

This mod adds the Mob Cage in which you can now imprison all entities and kill them over and over while collecting their drops! Sounds like fun, right?

It was inspired by Bonsai Trees 2 mod (made by Davenonymous) and the Botany Pots (made by DarkhaxDev). Thank you for your inspiration!



- Easy and lag-free way for collecting entities drops!

- Server config (blacklist of entities, items, turning off hopping variant) for Modpack makers!

- Client config for slower computers!

- 72 entities from vanilla Minecraft to sample (+ 15 different colors of sheep, + other supported mods' entities)

- 15 types of environments

- Ability to sample boss entities (Wither, Ender Dragon, and Elder Guardian)

- Three cage upgrades! (Cooking, Lightning, and Arrow)

- Datapack support for adding new environments and entities.

- CraftTweaker support for adding and modifying environments and entities!

- JEI support with awesome spinning renders of entities!

- HWYLA and The One Probe support!


Getting started

First, you need to craft one from two types of mob cages: the normal one, which you need to harvest by hand, or the hopping mob cage, which stores its drops in the inventory below.

Then put inside an item which will help to set up the environment for the entity, so it can feel as at home … kinda, without being imprisoned of course. Some examples of environments would be:

- For farm animals or neutral mobs you need a hay block (or grass block for better yields)

- Monsters like to hang out in caves, use a stone block (or diamond ore for better yields)

- For nether mobs, you need a magma block (or gilded blackstone for better yields)

- End mobs require end stone (or chorus flower for better yields)

- Aquatic mobs require sand (or red sand for better yields) as the environment and a waterlogged cage! (place the cage in already existing pool of water or shift-right-click it with water bucket)

- Cold biome mobs like snow block (or blue ice for better yields)

- Sand (or red sand for better yields) block for desert entities 

- Red Mushroom Block (or mycelium for better yields) for entities from the mushroom island!

(For others please look into JEI)


After setting the environment you can finally put inside one of the supported entities. Craft one of the DNA Samplers and hit with it the entity you want to sample. Remember, some entities require stronger samplers!

Wait until it grows and collect its drops!


You can also add upgrades to your cages. The cooking upgrade will automatically cook cookable drops for you, Lighting upgrade will collect drops that would normally require the entity to be hit by lightning and then killed (e.g. mob heads) and Arrow Upgrade will kill entities with arrows (e.g. used for killing Creepers to obtain music discs)

(It is recommended to use JEI mod to look up all supported mobs and environments, as well as tiers of samplers needed for each mob and their drops)



Mod support

This mod uses the vanilla data pack system with predefined JSON files to add entities and environments. Users can also create and share their own data packs and add new recipes with them. If you are a mod developer, you can also use your mod’s data folder to add built-in support for Caged Mods!


Currently Supported Mods:


Thank you for every suggestion for a new mod that could be supported! However, there are so many mods out there on the Internet, that I won't be able to support them all, so please do not ask for any mod support! Caged Mobs was made so you can add your own mod support with the use of the Datapacks or CraftTweaker, please check the Caged Mob's wiki for more information!


Additional Information

Join my official Discord server for discussion and to share feedback, ideas, and datapacks! 



- You are allowed to use Caged Mobs mod in a modpack and configure it to your liking.

- You can share screenshots and videos that showcase or contain Caged Mobs.

- You are allowed to add support for Caged Mobs in your mod.

- You are allowed to repost Caged Mobs only when the download link redirects to the CurseForge page and you need to credit the mod's creator. (Corgam)

- When you use screenshots from the Caged Mobs' images section, include mod's name, link to CurseForge page, and mod's creator. (Corgam)

- You can modify or change the source code and publish it, but only if you include the link to the CurseForge page, original mod name, and creator (Corgam).

- Follow the mod's license (found in the "About Project" section) and the Github repository license (found there).