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Plunger is the aptly named kitchen sink mod pack with the aim to show off a variety of mods available on minecraft 1.15.2




The first time you load into a world is always exciting. I wanted to keep up that excitement for as long as possible, that's why I use Terraforged to make terrain generation look awesome! Throw in some other popular world gen mods like Biomes o Plenty and Dungeon Crawl and you’ve got yourself a world full of awesome landscapes, rewarding dungeons to loot and so many biomes it’s a challenge on its own to visit them all! Not only that but with Serene Seasons, you get to see the world at different times during Spring,Summer,Fall,and Winter!


But if Spending time in the overworld isn’t quite your style, maybe you should visit some of the other dimensions instead. Plunger adds Mods like: 

Okay, Okay, still not satisfied? We have mods that add aesthetics like Quark, Macaw’s Furniture, Macaw’s Windows, Macaw’s Bridges, Macaw’s Roofs, Additional Bars. Make your builds look awesome!


We have mods that make life easier like:

Morph-o-tool: The only tool you’ll ever need (except a plunger of course) to configure blocks from different mods!
MineMenu: A  nifty radial menu that lets you add custom buttons for keybinds like toggling your jet pack, endermagnet or even sneaking!
Trashslot: Delete items clogging up your inventory by putting them in the delete slot in your gui!
Better Beacon Placement: Builds that stupid beacon pyramid auto-magically if you have the required blocks in your inventory when you place it!
Ore Excavation: Vein mining!


There’s some astounding mods for technological advancements like Mekanism, Rftools, Powah, CC:Tweaked, Xnet & Silent's Mechanisms

There’s so many other mods I haven’t even mentioned yet but you’ll discover them all when you download and play Plunger.







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