Additional Bars [FORGE]

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This mod adds additional bars to the game that go along with Iron Bars!


Goal of  this mod is to add more options when it comes to bars blocks.

It adds Gold Bars and bars for each wood type


1.1.0 - Biomes O' Plenty support!

1.2.1 - Crossed Bars update!

1.3.1 - Horizontal Bars update!


If you have Quark installed, the recipe for Gold Bars changes so that there is no overlap issues and that both versions can be used.

(Quark recipe has the advantage here because it's easier to maintain)

The recipe is:

X   X

X   X

X   X

Where X is Gold ingot.

Quark recipes are untouched here.



- Spanish Translations by ruchom4u

- Chinese Traditional (Taiwanese) Translations by fantasyair18


- Russian Translations by TheDirectorX and BardinTheDwarf

- German translations by Zijuna

- Simple Chinese Translations by justmonika

- Korean Translations by mindy15963


Gold Bars are crafted the same way as Iron Bars, except it uses gold as ingredient.

Wooden Bars


New Crafting Recipe


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Q: Can I Use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, just make sure to give proper credits.


Q: Can I / you post this mod to other sites?

A: No.


Q: I want to suggest a feature, where can I do that?

A: If you have an idea and want to suggest it, you can write down below, or on my GitHub (Preferred on GitHub).


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