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Baganator is a straightforward bag and inventory addon for Retail, Wrath and Classic Era/Harcore

  • Inventory tracking system (with tooltips on items to see your inventory)
  • Unified bag (including reagents bag) and bank view.
  • Other characters appear as tabs on the main view.
  • Bank view for any of your characters from anywhere.
  • Can show item level on gear in the bag/bank view (optionally coloured)
  • Transparency and window border options
  • Can show BoE or BoA text on items that are BoE or BoA
  • Supports Masque for icon styling
  • Supports showing Pawn upgrade icons
  • Search function, by name, item type and keywords (like potion, food, etc.)
  • Custom item row lengths

New features

Baganator isn't complete, and feature requests are welcome. Anticipated features includes

  • Currency display
  • Gold overview (as well as showing it on each character's bags)

If the search can't do a query you want to do let me know and I'll look at adding it.

Removing a character

Run this chat command /bgr remove CharacterName-RealmNameNoSpaces with your character and realm name.

Keyboard shortcuts not working?

Run this chat command /bgr config inverted_bag_shortcuts true and then /reload to change the shortcuts Baganator listens to. Use false to undo the change.


For any issues or feedback open a Github Issue or use the Discord server



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