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Baganator is a comprehensive and straightforward single or categories view bag and inventory addon for World of Warcraft.

Note: Requires Syndicator in order to work, installed automatically on the Curseforge client.

Why this addon?

  • Kept up to date, and has bugfixes applied before the latest patch is released (e.g. already works on TWW beta and supports warbands).
  • Just works, no configuration needed.
  • The features you need are in it.
  • It is fast.


  • Single or categories view bags and single or categories view bank, with sections for special containers.
  • Inventory information in item tooltips, from bags, banks, guild banks, void storage, mail and active auctions.
  • No taint/protected action errors - so you won't have issues in combat.
  • Browsing any characters' bags, bank and guild bank from anywhere.
  • Sorting items built in. This includes ignoring slots, different ordering (type, quality, expansion), and doing the bank bags/reagent bank together.
  • Fast and efficient searches with keyword search features, by name, item type (armor/etc.), inventory slot (head/etc.), other keywords (like potion, food, etc.) and expansion (retail only, vanilla/df/etc.), item level searches (200-210, <190, >220), combining searches with & or | and inverting with ~
  • Supports common bag item icon enhancement addons.
  • Can show BoE, item level, Pawn upgrade arrows etc. on the item icons and customise which corners the information shows on, prioritising the most wanted info.
  • Guild bank view, split into tabs, that supports all the search/icon features the bags/bank do and remote guild bank viewing.
  • Transfer button to move searched for items into the bank or bags or vendor/scrap/mail the items.

Supports Retail (Dragonflight) and all Classic versions (Wrath, SoD, etc.)


As well as searching by item name there is a lot more the Baganator search can do. See the Syndicator page for everything.

  • You can use an item category like "consumable" or "glyph".
  • A part of the item's tooltip, say "drakewatcher manuscript", "secrets of azeroth" or "reputation" for items that grant reputation.
  • Combine any searches with "&" (and) "|" (or) and "~" (not) to get more exact results.
  • A keyword, there's quite a few, such as "battle pet", expansion keywords like "dragonflight" or "mop" and bind on equip items with "boe".
  • Equipment sets with "equipment set", or the equipment set name.
  • By item level >110, <100, 50.

Reacting to search results

When at a vendor, bank or scrapping machine clicking the transfer button (top right next to the sort button) that appears in that scenario will vendor or transfer only the searched for items to the merchant or bank.


To enable go to Windows in the settings and change the "Views' Type" dropdown to "Category".

  • By default each item is placed in a category matching its item type.
  • Each custom category is a set of search results or a set of items added to it.
  • To add an item to a category pick it up and place it in the empty slot for the category that appears, or put it in the uncategorised empty slot to remove it from the category. Items can only be added to custom categories.
  • Searches have a priority, and an item can only appear in one category, with the priority deciding which category the item appears in if there is a conflict.
  • Stacks of items will be separated when at a vendor, mailbox, etc.
  • Equipment sets each get their own category named after the set (can be disabled).
  • Categories can be transferred to the bank/mail/scrapper/etc by right-clicking on the category's title.


Several addons are automatically integrated with Baganator.

For addon authors the current API is documented here.


Click on the image to go to the addon page for the skin.


Skin preview


Skin preview

Simple and Dark

Skin preview

Upcoming features

Feature requests are welcome.


For any issues or feedback open a Github Issue or use the Discord server


Tooltips (2024-03-09)

Retail (2024-03-11)

Retail Guild Bank (2024-03-09)

Classic (2024-03-11)

Options (2024-06-10)