Caerdon Wardrobe

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jul 18, 2016

Owner: Caerdon

Caerdon Wardrobe

Let Caerdon Wardrobe help you get your transmog closet overflowing with style ... you fabulous thing, you! You'll gain the following:

  • Show BOE / BOA on bank / bag / merchant items
  • Show assigned gear set on bank / bag items
  • Add indicators showing unlearned wardrobe appearances to the following:
    • Bank
    • Bag
    • Guild Bank
    • Auctions
    • Merchants
    • Adventure Guide's Dungeon and Raid Journal
    • Loot pickup
    • Group loot rolls
    • Options Panel to turn on / off all of these features and reposition the icon / text
    • Completionist option that will flag unlearned items for appearances you already know
      • One reason to learn multiple items with the same appearance is that items still have level restrictions enforced, and a different item may require a lower level for your other toons

Note that for the Adventure Guide, Legion instances are currently not returning the data. I haven't looked into it, yet, but I'm guessing that will change when Legion goes live.

  • Provides separate indicators for items specific to your class vs. something you'd need to send to and / or learn on an alt.
  • Show bag icon for items that you have learned for transmog that don't have an on-use or on-equip effect (sell those things!)

The following add-ons are available to help tie Caerdon Wardrobe functionality to specific add-ons:

How the icons work:

Stars - You don't know this appearance yet, and your current toon can equip it and learn it.

Question Mark - You don't know this appearance yet, but your current toon cannot learn it. You'll have to send the item to the correct class to learn it.

Bag - This item has been learned and is in your wardrobe. It also doesn't have any on-use or on-equip effects, so you're free to sell it!

If you're seeing Stars or Question Marks in any other case, it's either a defect, or it's possible that Blizzard missed an appearance in which case you should search for it in the Transmog Collection.

As with all Caerdon add-ons, this assumes and builds on top of the existing Blizzard functionality. If you're replacing the bag, bank, merchant, or auction house views with another add-on, you may not receive the full functionality of this add-on unless a Caerdon integration add-on has been provided.

Caerdon add-ons prefer simplicity over customization. I try for sane defaults but with all the custom bag add-ons, this proved difficult, so Caerdon Wardrobe has a full set of customizable options to turn things on / off and move 'em around.


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