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ItemVersion adds information to your tooltip about when an item was added to World of Warcraft.

Useful for

  • Clearing your bags and bank of old stuff
  • Identifying loot from your transmog runs
  • Looking back on WoW history


  • A complete database of when every item was added to the game, including version and expansion name, such as Version:, Expac: Shadowlands.
  • Where-you-need-it accesiblity in the item tooltip.
  • A queriable library for retrieving this information for other addons. (Docs coming soon.)
  • Weekly updates with the latest items. A refreshed release will automatically occur (at least) every Tuesday at 16:00 UTC, just slightly after reset.
  • Open source visibility.


Just install the addon like normal and mouse over any item! More configuration may be available in the future.


  • I think an item has the wrong version.

First, verify it on If wowhead does in fact disagree with the data in ItemVersion, please create a GitHub issue.

Often, items are added towards the end of an expansion that actually used in the next expansion, making them appear to have too early of a version. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do in these cases -- the canonical version is better than making something up.

  • An item actually is misversioned or An item is missing or I found a bug or I want to request a feature.

Create an issue on the GitHub project page

  • I want to submit a change

Fork the project and make a pull request!


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