Can I Mog It?

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.0


Jun 18, 2016

Owner: AmiYuy

Have you learned that BoE plate item your Priest has? Can I Mog It will tell you!


  • Overlays and tooltips about whether you have learned an item's appearance.
  • Overlays and tooltips about your progress for transmog sets.
  • Know across your account if you know an appearance.

Why do I need it?

The default game tooltip only tells about items the character you are on can wear. Can I Mog It works across your account for all of your characters and tells you:

  •  If you have learned it.
  •  If you have learned it, but from a different item.
  •  If you have learned it, but can't transmog it (wrong armor type or too low level).
  •  If you can learn it.
  •  If you can't learn it on this character.
  •  If you can't learn it on this character and it is soulbound.
  •  If it can't be learned (necks, trinkets, rings, common, poor, etc.).
  • If it is part of an item/tier set.

Overlays in

  • Bags, bank, guild bank, void storage (Supported bag addons)
  • Mailbox
  • Vendors
  • Auction House & Black Market Auction House
  • Dungeon Journal
  • Loot roll windows
  • Crafting windows - Adds icons next to the item name in the crafting recipe list.
  • Transmog sets - Adds a counter for your progress through each set (ie. 6/9) to the list.

Problem? Suggestion?

If you just updated and are getting tons of errors please completely close your game and then reopen it. Updating addons while the game is running can cause problems!


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