Dejunk (Sell & Destroy Junk)



Dejunk is an addon for automating some tedious aspects of selling and destroying items.

By default, all poor quality items are considered junk items (this setting can be turned off). Higher quality items must be manually added to an Inclusions list in order to mark them as junk.

Once set up, Dejunk can handle the process of selling or destroying junk items with the press of a button.


Junk Frame Transport Frame


  • Automate the process of selling junk items at a merchant
  • Destroy junk items with the press of a button
  • Customize a list of junk items to always sell or destroy (Inclusions)
  • Customize a list of junk items to never sell or destroy (Exclusions)
  • Set up keybindings or use chat commands for most operations

Chat Commands

Display help commands.


Open the key binding frame.

/dejunk keybinds

Toggle the options frame.

/dejunk options

Toggle the junk frame.

/dejunk junk

Toggle the transport frame.

/dejunk transport {inclusions|exclusions}

Start selling items.

/dejunk sell

Destroy next item.

/dejunk destroy

Open lootable items.

/dejunk loot