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Auctionator is designed for casual everyday auction house users. Auctionator makes the auction house easier to use, by presenting auction house listings clearly and succinctly, and by eliminating the tedium involved in posting and managing auctions.

8.3 Release now live

Auctionator is being rewritten, from the ground up, to support the changes made in the WoW 8.3 patch. The latest release contains support for 8.3 and all the features described below.

Shopping Lists

All your old shopping lists still work, they are in the "Shopping" tab.

Adding search terms

Click the "Add Item" button to add items to your lists. This will open a dialog with options to customise your search.

  • Exact Search: Only returns results with the exact name you put in
  • Level/Price/Item Level: Return results in the range specified
  • Crafted Level: Use this to filter crafted items (like scopes and gems) by the level they were usable at/crafted at.


Unlike in the 8.2 Auction House it is now possible to scan for auction prices in the background when the AH is opened. You should see messages in your chat window indicating this is happening.

Tooltip prices

Auction and vendor prices are shown in item tooltips. Disenchant information is available for WoD, Legion and BfA.

Alternate scan mode

On some busy servers the default mode for the full scan causes disconnects. Using [Shift]+Click on the "Full Scan" button uses an alternate mode that is less likely to cause disconnects.


The default auction duration can be changed, and set differently for items or commodities.

When posting an automatic undercut (fixed amount or percentage) can be enabled.


One-click cancelling for auctions and undercut scanning is included.

Bug Reports

Any issues that you find should be filed here, and not in the comments - this helps us organize, track, and respond to bugs as efficiently as possible. Please use !BugGrabber and BugSack to provide meaningful information to help determine your issue, without which, we probably won't be able help.

Auctionator is looking for beta testers to provide QA and feedback for bug fixes and new features prior to release. Please Join Discord if you are interested in helping!

Upcoming Release

Information on future features and alpha testing can be found on our wiki



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