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Masque is an add-on for World of Warcraft that provides a skinning engine for button-based add-ons. Note that you must have an add-on that supports Masque installed in order to use it. Masque does not support the default interface.


Install the package through your preferred add-on manager. You can also install the add-on manually using the following steps:

  1. Download the package from one of the following sites:
  2. Extract the package to the appropriate directory:
    • Retail: World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns
    • Classic: World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns


To access Masque's options, use the /msq or /masque chat commands. You can also access the options via the Interface Options Window or by clicking on Masque's icon in a DataBroker display.



For bug reports and suggestions, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.


To help translate this add-on, please use the localization system on WoW Ace or contribute directly on GitHub.


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