Ores Above Diamonds

482,175 Downloads Last Updated: May 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

There is also a 1.12.2 version, 1.14.4 version, and a 1.15.2 version in the files tab on the top of the screen!

Have you ever felt like getting a full set of diamond armor is too quick and easy?

Well, you're in the right place. The Ores Above Diamonds Mod adds the Amethyst and Black Opal, late-game gems that are far rarer than diamonds, yet also noticeably more powerful.

OAD Mod Showcase


Spawns below y:16 and in chests that spawn diamonds.

Mined by a Diamond Pickaxe.

3x rarer than Diamonds.

+50% Efficiency from Diamond.

1.75x Durability from Diamond.

+1 Attack Damage from Diamond (Amethyst Sword gives 8 Attack Damage while the Diamond Sword gives 7 Attack Damage).

+25 Enchantability from Diamond (Diamond has 10 Enchantability, Gold has 25 Enchantability, Amethyst has 35 Enchantability).

+1 Toughness per armor piece from Diamond (Diamond gives 2 Toughness, Amethyst gives 3 Toughness).

80 + 4% Damage Reduction with full set (compared to 80% with a set of Diamond).

       -Simply put, the Amethyst can make you up to 25% tankier than Diamond armor.

If enabled in the config file, it can spawn in the Nether and the End with significant customizability!


Black Opal:

Spawns below y:16 and in chests that spawn diamonds.

Mined by an Amethyst Pickaxe.

9x rarer than Diamonds.

+100% Efficiency from Diamond.

3.5x Durability from Diamond.

+2 Attack Damage from Diamond (Black Opal Sword gives 9 Attack Damage while the Diamond Sword gives 7 Attack Damage).

+5 Enchantability from Diamond (Diamond has 10 Enchantability, Gold has 25 Enchantability, Black Opal has 15 Enchantability).

+2 Toughness per armor piece from Diamond (Diamond gives 2 Toughness, Black Opal gives 4 Toughness).

80 + 8% Damage Reduction with full set (compared to 80% with a set of Diamond).

       -Simply put, the Black Opal armor can make you up to +60% tankier than Diamond armor. 

If enabled in the config file, it can spawn in the Nether and the End with significant customizability!

1.16 - Can be upgraded into Netherite Opal: +1 Attack Damage, +20% efficiency and durability, +1 Toughness, +1 Knockback Resistance, and +5 Enchantability.

(Use a smithing table and add a netherite ingot)


Enchantability helps get higher level enchantments for lower costs.   

Toughness reduces the armor penetration from high-damage attacks.

Here is a visualization of the effective health (y-axis) of the armors with respect to the damage (x-axis).


Not happy with the balancing? Nearly all values are customizable in the config file.

On windows, search %appdata% and click .minecraft -> config and find the oresabovediamonds.toml file.

Most changes need a full Minecraft restart and/or a full server restart.

For the server owners, the config automatically syncs with the clients! The clients need to join the server, restart their Minecraft, and then rejoin the server. They will be told these instructions automatically upon joining by default. (Disable-able in the config)

The name of the config file will not always match with the most up to date version. I do this because if there are no updates for the config file, I don't want everybody's configurations to get reset just for a name change.


NOTE: It is recommended to also download Overloaded Armor Bar to visualize the amethyst and black opal armor set bonuses in-game. Otherwise, they will visually cap at 10 full armor bars even though they provide more damage reduction.

A great alternative to this mod for people who like late-game progression and more stuff to do related to tools is Gems & Jewels! 

Unfortunately, the rings don't work with my mod yet so you need to pick one or the other if you don't want to have to choose which toolset to run.

Other mods that could possibly pair well with this one.


Click here to download the original OAD textures.

Old Ores Above Diamonds Textures


If you want to have double-headed axes instead of the regular single-headed ones, download this texture pack!


For versions other than 1.12.2, if you are adding this mod to an existing world, the ores will only spawn in freshly generated chunks and not preexisting ones. This may mean you need to venture far into unexplored lands to have a chance at finding the ores. 

There may be bugs. Please let me know so I can fix them ASAP.


Thank you to CriativeMan1 for voluntarily creating nearly all the textures, to Poland123456, for voluntarily creating the amethyst texture, to coolbean323 for finding a lotta bugs, and to the translators listed below!

Russian translations provided by mARRSSSSS and marmotinfire.

Brazilian Portuguese translations provided by damagemaximo15.

If you know a language other than the ones above and would like to translate it for this mod, message me or send a comment and I'll tell you how to do it if you don't know already! I'll add you to the translator list.


Shoutout to Jorrit Tyberghein (McJty)Harry Talks, and the Minecraft Mod Development Discord for help in getting this mod started.

Full permission to use this mod and its source code for any reason is fully granted with no strings attached. 


Please feel free to leave a comment or send me a PM for any purpose and I will happily respond. If it's a bug report, please include the Minecraft version. Suggestions are welcome and are usually implemented!


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