Advanced Netherite

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Advanced Netherite

This is the Forge version, click here for the Fabric version!


📖 About

Advanced Netherite is a configurable, vanilla friendly, open-source mod that adds in more tiers of Netherite! The goal of the mod is to extend the vanilla Minecraft experience by adding more goals to achieve.

For more information visit the Advanced Netherite Wiki!

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✅ Features


  • 4 new tiers of Netherite!
  • For each new tier of Netherite there are sets of tools, sets of armor and blocks
  • Each Netherite tier has its own unique properties (Special armor perks, Additional drops for tools)
  • Optional support for Detail Armor Bar mod!
  • Support for add-ons and datapacks


💎 Tiers of Netherite



🛡️ Armor perks

ArmorPerks Install Configured mod for in-game config menu!


🔨 Crafting recipes

The recipes for the mod can be found on the Advanced Netherite Wiki, or simply by installing Just Enough Items (JEI)!


🔖 Links to popular versions


ℹ More information

  • Please report issues to the issue tracker on GitHub!
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  • Advanced Netherite is also available for Fabric.
  • Click here for more images!
  • Visit the Advanced Netherite Wiki for more information on everything this mod adds.


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⚠️ Disclaimer

This mod is only distributed through CurseForge, Modrinth and the official GitHub repository. Please do not redistribute this mod or download this mod from any other download source.

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