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9.1M Downloads Updated May 18, 2021 Created May 10, 2017

Addon for Tracking Collections & Account Completion

966K Downloads Updated May 2, 2021 Created Aug 9, 2020

Allows you to Mog Sets from WoWHead, Incomplete sets and adds more features to the...

757K Downloads Updated May 18, 2021 Created Jan 18, 2019

An immersive character pane and in-game studio

11.3M Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2020 Created Aug 21, 2011

Transmogrification Assistant

3.5M Downloads Updated Nov 19, 2020 Created Jun 18, 2016

Adds tooltips and overlays to items showing if you have learned a transmog appearance.

151K Downloads Updated Jan 8, 2021 Created Jul 20, 2016

Show the appearance of an item when you mouse over it

9.6K Downloads Updated May 10, 2021 Created Feb 15, 2021

Uses the addon Scrap (Junk Seller) and TSM to automatically flag items as scrap based...

292K Downloads Updated Mar 11, 2021 Created Jul 18, 2016

Shows BOE / BOA, openables and unlearned pets and transmog wardrobe indicator on bank /...

554K Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2020 Created Mar 17, 2013

Transmogrify full MogIt wishlist sets in one go.

788K Downloads Updated Oct 14, 2020 Created Jul 22, 2016

Addon that lists missing transmogs from wardrobe

143K Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2021 Created Aug 17, 2014

Allows the user to preview and track their progress in the collection of various transmogrification...

361K Downloads Updated Nov 29, 2020 Created Aug 1, 2016

Adds a "randomize" button to the transmog ui

32.4K Downloads Updated Mar 27, 2021 Created Jul 7, 2018

Show incomplete appearance sets in the transmogrification dialog

482K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2020 Created Sep 5, 2016

Find and buy the lowest buyout Mounts, Pets, Toys, Appearances, and Recipes.

187K Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2019 Created Nov 10, 2014

searches for items which are listed near sell-to-vendor price and can also search for missing...

238K Downloads Updated Oct 14, 2014 Created May 5, 2014

Module for MogIt that shows all xmog sets!

17.2K Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2021 Created Oct 1, 2020

Browse all uncollected transmogs, pets, toys and mounts in the auction house

370K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2015 Created Jul 28, 2012

Adds a highlight border to items in your MogIt Wishlist, making them easier to see.

74.1K Downloads Updated May 10, 2021 Created Jul 18, 2016

Sorts the Wardrobe

14.3K Downloads Updated Jun 22, 2020 Created Apr 25, 2020

All transmog sets from WowHead for MogIt