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Questie ~ The Classic Quest Helper


Questie is in active development and receives updates nearly every day on GitHub. We're trying to release updates every week, but if you want to latest features and fixes make sure to check our GitHub project!

If you have any issues make sure to check the FAQ, or post an issue to the issue tracker.
You can also reach us on discord!


If you'd like to support the development of Questie by donating, you can do so here!

Questie is a quest helper for World of Warcraft: Classic. It adds icons to the map for the quests in your log, and shows what quests you can pick up. It's not a guide, but we plan to add integration for any classic guide addons to make sure they work well with Questie.



Quest Communication

- QuestieComms is now live! You can now see others progress on the tooltip without the quest.
- The latest Questie version is required by everyone in the party for it to work, tell your friends to update!



- Built in tracker with quest item next to quests.





Hold Shift

- Shift hold now shows questXP information.
- Shift hold while hovering over a map icon to display more information.

Quest Information

- Changed the way available quests are presented in the tooltip for the user [40+] (Dungeon) when world tooltip. [40D] on all other tooltips.
- Changed entierly how clustering works now instead creates hotzones based on range instead of cells

- Event quests are now shown when events are active!
- Min level will now default to GetQuestGreenRange but you can use the new Checkbox to change the value.




- Waypoint lines for quest givers showing their pathing.




Currently, most of the 1.12 features have been ported in, but a few things may be missing. Here are some screenshots of what Questie can do




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