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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jun 14, 2016

Owner: Tercioo

Plater is a handsome and light addon for nameplates!

- New nameplates for friendly characters.
- Unlock configs to modify the new personal health bar/power bar in the middle of the screen.
- Allows to change the size of the resource indicators such as the runes for Death Knights.
- Indicates when a npc is an objetive of a quest.
- Highlight detector npcs inside Suramar city.
- Color change by aggro and by player role (tank or dps).
- Dynamic sizing allowing to have two sets of size, one for combat and other out of combat.
- Allows full modification of textures.
- Allows to modify the clickable area of the plate.
- Unlock separate config for each type of unit: Friendly Player, Enemy Player, Friendly Npc, Enemy Npc.
- Show your buffs and debuffs, allowing to black list some of them.

Important: by default the health bar of enemy nameplates has a height 2 pixel when out of combat, but do not be fooled by that, each nameplate has by default 45 pixels of clickable area (vertical) and both the health bar and the clickable area can be modified.

Slash Command:

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