Plater Nameplates

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jun 14, 2016

Owner: Tercioo

Plater is a nameplate addon with a extraordinary amount of settings, out of the box debuff tracking and threat coloring, support for scripting similar to weakauras.


To help test alpha and beta versions of Plater: right click it in twitch app > release type > Apha.



General Features:

- Everything works out of the box.

- More than 500 settings to fine any aspect of the nameplate.

- Separate settings for different unit types: you can nameplates for enemy players different than enemy npcs.

- Lua Scripting support for custom effects.

- Several bundle scripts for mythic dungeons.

- Aura tracking with 4 tabs to config.

- Color by aggro out of the box.

- Customization of your personal bar.

- Quest coloring.







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